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    My son gave me his barely used Task Force 25-1951. I was sent a manual by Lowes (great customer service!). After cleaning the tool and buying new blades I tried to set it up. As I put the pinless blades in the holder and backing it all the way in I find that the blade itself is rubbing against the slot. I've applied all my logical skills (of which I have none) and can't think of any reason beyond the fact that the blade I'm putting in is wider than the old blade. I'm all set to try out the skill set presented in my new book "Scroll Saw Workbook" but I'm stymed.
    Also any suggestions re blades. Our local Lowes and Home Depot had nothing and my favorite lumberyard only had a few.

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    Most of us get our blades online. They are higher quality and less expensive than in the local hardware stores. Here are two location to order from.

    Mike's workshop for Flying Dutchman blades.
    Mike's Workshop selling Flying Dutchman brand fret and scrollsaw blades

    Or Sloans for Olson blades..
    Scroll Saw Blades
    "Still Montana Mike"

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      My preference would be Flying Dutchman #5, as it could handle it if you needed some tighter turns---and going to a #7 or #9 if doing a lot of straighter cuts. Plywood does dull blades a bit faster though, no matter the blade brand choice. The best blade is kinda a broad question---every brand works...
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      I totally agree with Dan (dgman). I prefer Flying Dutchmans for most things, but I know others who absolutely swear by other top brands, and almost everyone go thumbs down on generics after trying the name brands---and the price difference is next to nothing if you know where to buy. Some suppliers...
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      Wow, that is a loaded question! You will get a lot of opinions, but the best answer is the ones that work for you. My suggestion is to order or buy several types and sizes and brands, and use what works for you. I would suggest you not buy the generic blades you find in local hardware stores. The top...
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      What are the sharpest smoothest cutting blades for scroll saws
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