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  • MSA Mask help please

    OK I know putting the filters on should be easy but when I line up the three tabs correctly i gently push down and try to turn them to keep them in place. Now obviously to me this doesnt work. I cant get them to screw on. They just fall off. I did somehow manage to have them sit in place but if u bump them they fall off. Also when I beathe thru it those flaps dont go in and out but when i put my hand over the nose piece or the filters it seems to not let anything in or out. This morning the cat bumped the mask and the one filter came right off so Im doing something wrong here.

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    I don't use the cartridge masks any more but when I did, if memory serves, you use gentle pressure and while holding pressure on the cartridge turn the filter a little to the right and it will lock in. Now as for no air flow, have you opened the filters and taken out the clear cellophane? Some manufacturers ship the filters with a piece of clear cellophane in them that is intended to be discarded. Hope that helps.
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      Thanks. I'll check that out about the cellophane. I can breathe thru the mask its just a little harder than normal breathing. I tried holding the parts gently but they just dont seem to noticably move when i twist them. Just in case someone else has something to say...we are expecting freezing rain so I will lose my computer signal cuz at 60 you wont see me trying to get on the roof to put hot water on it ha.It should melt sometime tomorrow if it gets as warm as they say. hard to believe in northeast mich it will hit forty in jan but ya never know.
      The mask is the toxic dust mask with p100 filters. I'm highly allergic to stuff. does anyone know how long the filters last?
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