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  • Dab

    Hello, I'm a newbie. I've had my scroll saw for a couple of weeks now, and have really enjoyed it. I'm having a problem with my projects doing a lot of bouncing around (up and down) though. What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do? I have started out with some small things like star, heart, ghost, leaves, snowman. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    You may want to check your blade and make sure that the teeth are facing down.
    If the teeth are pointing up they will lift the wood off the table.
    The hold down will stop wood from bouncing but most scrollers remove it shortly after they get their saws.

    I find it is more important to apply a downward pressure to the wood than it is to push the wood through the blade. After awhile you will get a feel for just how much pressure to apply, both in the downward motion and then with pressing it to the blade.

    Hope this helps, Carl
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      Thank so much for your quick reply. I did put the hold down part on my saw, and it does help. My blade teeth are facing down. I have cut some things with little problem with bouncing, but some things, even going very slowly, seem to bounce a lot. Could it be a difference in the type of wood? Thanks again for you help.


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        What you are experiencing is called "chatter". I think all of us had that problem to some extent when we first started scrolling. I still do occasionally if the wood has a little warp and isn't laying flat on the table surface or when cutting a tight radius with an aggressive (higher numbered) blade. Just keep practicing with simple cuts and turns and you'll soon find that the problem will go away. Welcome to the group!!!!
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          Thanks for the help and the welcome. I am soooo excited about learning more about scrolling. I've been scrounging up some scrap pieces to practice with. Maybe that's one of my problems. Ha.. I'm not giving up though.


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            Is your saw Bolted down securely to the table? It should be and a pad of carpet or rubbr mat under it will help too. Also you may have your speed up to high. If you are cutting in a carpeted room you need to put y0our table on solid plywood - the thicker the better -- These are just a few of the tips I learned.
            PS Welcome to the forum


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              Welcome to the group Diane
              You've definately found the right group to ask questions of . I have learned a ton here, and continue to make progress
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                Hi Diane

                Rather than cutting out small objects, you might enjoy more success if you cut larger ones. The extra weight of the wood will work against any tendency for the blade to catch and lift your workpiece.

                Welcome to the forum .

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                  Thanks so much for the welcome. I am collecting tons of patterns. I really want to make some yard art stuff. I haven't tried any large items yet. I do have a jigsaw also, and I know I will have to cut larger patterns using the jigsaw. I'm not too familiar with the jigsaw yet either. Thanks for your help.


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