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    I wish I'd found this place a year ago. I've been cutting and selling stuff about a year now--without any real info or teaching. My motto seems to be 'ready, fire, aim'.

    Anyhow--now that I'm here finally I have so many questions!

    As to blades-- I use a dremel that takes the sort that have pins. Hubby says it used to have something you could attach so you could use pinless blades--but we've moved like 8 times and I have NO idea what that is, pretty sure we don't have it.

    Anyhow--I find the best saws I have tried are skil 18.5. no doubt there's something better I am totally ignorant about. fill me in.

    I have figured out that I have been using them too long--which is probably why I have to force them and why I break them. again... learning process.

    I'd like to know what spiral blades are for, and if there is a good blade with pins I can get cheaply bulk.

    also I cut mainly thicker wood--3/4 to 3/8" and some thinner-- 1/8 or 1/4".

    So-- what blades are reccomended for those thicknesses and have pins.
    And does anyone know what this 'gizmo' is that would allow me to use pinless blades?

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    forgot to mention type of wood

    I use some soft pine.. but mainly I cut poplar.
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      Blade adapters Scroll Saw Accessories

      As far as blades go most of the people on the forum go here Mike's Workshop English featuring: my life story, a cancer survivor, scrollsawing samples and tips, community service, list of favorite sites and Flying Dutchman fretsaw blades for sale.

      Some people like the Olsen blades and you can get them from Sloan's. On the left side of the screen is Scroll Saw Resources check it out lots of supplier info.
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        I'm afraid you won't find spirals with pins, even at Mikes. As you have probably found the pinned blades require a lot bigger hole that the others. Good Luck
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          Look on Craigslist or such for a Hitachi or Porter Cable saw, usually under $100 used and takes both pinned and pinless blades. New they are under $200 at Lowes. You might find a used DeWalt 788 for around $250 or less. The pinless blades are very much better in terms of the quality of the finished cut and the ability to do intricate cuts. I just made some stand-up puzzles and the edges are likely upwards of a 400 grit finish.

          Have a look at the Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts - 2010 Scroll Saw Buyer's Guide from a year age, but still current. Here is a Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts - Choosing A Scroll Saw. Lots of info on the left side of the forum.

          Blade suppliers are listed in a "Sticky" in the Beginners section, along with a discussion of what they are and how they differ.

          Look at all the stuff on the left side, and look at the Stickys at the top or each section. Lots of info there.
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            Thank you!
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              Another place you might consider for getting blades is The Wooden Teddy Bear - they are distributors for Mike's Flying Dutchman blades and they also have Olson blades if you want to try them, too. One advantage of the WTB is that you can mix-n-match any blade style or size and get the gross (bulk - 12 dozen) price. It was nice when I was first starting out to be able to get a bunch of different styles/sizes for the best price I could find for that broad of a mix. I've never been unhappy with service or anything I've ordered from WTB. And, now that I have dealt with Mike (didn't know about him when I was starting out) I can assure you that you will never find a nicer guy and you'll be amazed at how he can consistently get your order to you as quickly as he does. And if you've ever got a blade question he is the man to ask.
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                Mary, sounds like you are ready, able & need to make some dust. There are so many things to learn as you go, so, I would suggest you read & read some more. You may be able to do some nice work, but, you will find that with quality blades & a nice saw(pinless), you will enjoy scrolling much more. You will not be able to do a lot of the patterns here on the forum, with the pinned blade saw. So, there would be a first step for you to accomplish. I could go on about scrolling, but, there isn't enough space for it all on here,HA
                I have used spiral blades almost completely for my work & it takes some practice to accomplish a good cut with them. Some times they are not the best blade to use, but, depends on the circumstances. Curves & long straight lines are not easy to do with spiral blades. I have a DeWalt 788 saw & really like it for my work. Our Scrollsaw mag. had an article with the saws & their prices listed along with a description of of each. I hope you enjoy it here & enjoy scrolling. Good Luck


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                  The magazine issue Perk is talking about is Issue 40 Fall 2010.... In case you want to order it....


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                    Wonderful! More tips every day and this site is a wealth of good info! I'm already enjoying my cutting a little better--I know it will be even more enjoyable once I get some better blades and etc.. So far--I had hubby bolt down my saw--which is great. I have it mounted on an old sewing maching table--it was a really ugly table--I picked up a great little sewing machine this summer for $10 it came with this horridlly uglee table--was thinking of tossing it but decided to put my saw on it. It works. After seeing photos here of ? I forget the name--is it Mike? someone...( I will learn more names in time.) working from his wheel chair--I realized--oh! I could do this sitting!
                    I have arthritis in all my joints--spine included--so bending over my table was painful--like most things. Well I took my office chair and raised it a few notiches and wheeled it over to the table and --wow--yesterday I did all my cutting for a couple custom toy orders sitting down! much better--and I can see it better.

                    Its the little things in life. I need to do a LOT more reading, I'm also filing away notes and links for quick reference and have looked at several links for blades and sanding stuff already.

                    Thanks so much all of you!
                    Ready, Fire, ... Aim!

                    My blog: Pokeberry Patch


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                      Sloan's Woodshop - " The Scroll Saw Store " for pin end blades. Yes, theres are many better saws than the one you are using, but make the best out of what you have until you can upgrade. Enjoy scrolling!
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                        Hi Mary! If there is any way possible, put some spacers , about 2 or 3 inches, under the rear legs of the table to angle the scroll saw table towards you. Lot easier on the spine and neck. I also have the arthritis problem. Also, a foot pedal really helps also. Got mine at Harbor Freight for $10 three years ago, and I scroll almost daily!



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