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My grandson is a new scroller.

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  • My grandson is a new scroller.

    Here is something to make this grandpa really happy.

    Last Christmas when my son was visiting from MO. I let Noah my grandson cut some puzzles.
    NOW he has his own saw and shop in the basement of their home.
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    Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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    That is great Stephen. For years I tried to get one of our 5 kids interested in woodworking, but no takers...perhaps there will be hope with the grandkids. But our kids sure do like the items I make for them.


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      Now that's a heart-warming sight! Noah must have been very impressed by your work and instruction. Congratulations!

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        That is so kewl and complete with face mask...Way to go!
        "Still Montana Mike"

        "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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          i bet his scrolling is better than mine!


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            Good for you Stephen, passing on our hobby is what it's about.
            Nice to see him wearing a mask too.
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              Awesome, I wish I had an apprentice too.


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                congrats, that would make anyone proud!
                he will think back in 20 or so years and
                remember the great times he had with you.
                its some great memories for you both!

                + + I Love The Smell Of Sawdust In The Morning + +


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                  Now you may have someone in the family to pass all your tools on too.
                  Well done .


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                    Looks like you won Stephen. Congratulations for getting another kid unhooked from video games.

                    A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

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                      Originally posted by wood-n-things View Post
                      That is so kewl and complete with face mask...Way to go!
                      Mike beat me to it! (WD also)

                      Congrats on getting someone interested. I have had people wonder how I do it and when I tell them is gets simpler with practice, they seem to lose interest.
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                        That's just awesome Stephen...!!

                        Maybe he could use the name, "Legacy Woodworking".

                        Beautiful thing there...
                        Thanks for sharing...!!!

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                          Thats really neat it reminds me of getting my kids and grandaughters hook on fishing, tried the woodworking thing but only got one hook on that my son.But he doesnt do it only when he comes over and uses my tools.LOL
                          Someone say tool or lumber sale I am out of here


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                            Video games are still an attraction for him George. Me too sometimes.
                            Yup, I told my son be sure to get him dust masks. I made him wear one when he was here cutting on my machine.
                            He is a real good guy, my grandson. Very proud of him. Well, all of the grand kids really. They are super heroes you know.
                            Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


                            The Southern Arizona Woodturners Association
                            Desert Woodcrafters
                            Grandpa for the 7 most amazing children.


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                              That's great Stephen! I too started my grandson at a tender age. I

                              started him on some quite simple patterns and he really took to it. I am

                              a firm believer in getting kids exposed to as many good activities as possible.

                              Scroll sawing is a great introduction into woodworking for kids and something

                              they can do with little danger involved.
                              Stoney aka Al

                              This gettin old stuff ain't for sissies!


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