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  • Breaking Blades

    I recently upgraded to a Ryobi scroll saw which offers variable speeds when scrolling. My challenge has been breaking blades rather quickly and I am not sure how to find the "sweet spot" to where I can scroll without worrying about the blade breaking. Mostly have been using soft pine 3/4 inch thick. Do I need to be cutting at a slower speed? How does one come up with the right tension for the blade before commencing scrolling? Open to suggestions as to how to solve this problem so I don't go broke buying blades all of the time.

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    Tell us a little bit more. What brand, type and # of teeth blades are you using ?

    Someone will chime in with the link, I am sure, that gives a sound recording of the desired note to listen for when a tensioned blade is "plucked".

    You might be running the saw too fast for 3/4" wood and the blades are getting hot which softens the metal which allows the blade to break.



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      Have good tension on the blade. The blade should not move sideways more than 1/8" and that is almost too much. Have good speed. If not, you have a tendency to push too hard into the blade and the blade starts cutting with a bevel. Let the blade do the cutting. Low speed makes the blade crab the wood instead of cutting it. Most blades have a burr on the right side and like to cut to the right. Move the wood some degree to the right, it makes it easy to stay on the line. Never be in a hurry cutting on a scroll saw.
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        Dave, try FD blades, best ones I have ever used.

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