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Anyone doing any Bandsaw scrolling?

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  • Anyone doing any Bandsaw scrolling?

    I bought a Rikon 14" Deluxe. I was going to order the Carter Stabilizer RIK-1 attachment for it so that I can do some larger work.

    Wasn't sure if anyone has scrolled with the big boy saw.

    or if they have this Carter Stabilizer for their bandsaw in order to do any scroll work, and what they think about it.

    Carter Stabilizer? cutting a reindeer - YouTube

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    I have made several band saw boxes. and several other members us their bandsaws for boxes and other projects all the time. We don't consider the scroll saw a little toy however as opposed to the "big boy saw".
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      In my community woodshop, they called it the "sissy saw". Suited me just fine since I had it all to myself.

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        I just got my brand new Rikon 14" Deluxe delivered last week. Just got an assortment of timberwolf blades today so I hope in the coming weeks I will have time to play around with it. Interesting video and I can't believe how quick that guy cut that. I'm going to be using the saw mostly for resawing but I also hope to do other projects. Th'er, what do you think of the Rikon so far?


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          Jeez, I should have said " it's big brother" instead.

          haha I didn't mean for it to be taken the wrong way. But I can see where it would be. No disrepect intended.

          Sawdust: I've only had it for a few weeks myself and would you believe I've haven't made a trip to the Lumber yard yet, So I've been just messing around with scraps ...

          the nearest mill around that carries hardwood is nearly 2 hrs away from me..
          I'm heading there in the next cpl days to pick up a cpl hundred BF Walnut, Maple, White oak. for some blanket chests & toy boxes for family members.

          Everyone likes this style that I found online.
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            My reply hasn't cleared as of yet

            Sorry I did not see it sooner I was making sawdust. It has been approved for all to see. Sometimes attachments alert our spam arrest-or software and it places a particular post into a moderation mode until one of us can get to it to approve the attachments.
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              Nice! Please post pictures when your masterpiece is complete.

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