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Using spray adhesvies

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  • Using spray adhesvies

    After using a can of spray adhesive is it necessary to turn the can upside down to clean the tip like when you use spray paint? Sorry but I never used spray adhesives before, seems like it may be necessary?
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    I always do that

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      Bob I never do this , now I've had trouble with the spray tips before - so when I've finish with a empty can I have saved a lot of the tips and threw them in paint thinner to soak and clean just in case I need another tip later and I have used some of the one's I've cleaned too . This may be food for thought for you ..........MB
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        I usually do, but probably more out of habit than anything. Occasionally the nozzles still get gummed up, but they are pretty easy to clean.
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          I never do that. Can't think of a time that I wasn't able to get all the contents out. Same is true for spray cans of paint.


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