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Dewallt vs craftsman

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  • Dewallt vs craftsman

    I just started scrolling and have a (at least) 30 yr. old sgl.speed craftsman that surprisingly has little vibration. I am getting a Dewalt 788 Will I notice a large improvement in ease of use, easier cutting curves stc.

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    Not even in the same class. I love my 788
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      I would think so. I have a Delta 40-690 which is a DW788 clone, and Craftsman cannot compare. Let us know what you think after trying it. Paul


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        blde problem11

        I bought a almost new Dewalt 788 #1 last night about 11Pm, and thought I would see how easy blade changing was. I put in a couple and no real problems. Then I removed the blade and lossened the bottom Knob Assy Clamp (#47 on parts list )all the way until it stopped just so I could see the slot the blade goes in clearly. Then I tried putting in a blade and could not budge old #47. Im talking either way. It is like it's welded in place, Can you offer any sugestions, or guide me to a forum hat could?



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