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    I am new to scroll sawing so forgive me, but how do I know the correct speed setting to use if I am cutting 1/2in..standard plywood and a # 5 blade with 15 teeth per inch

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    It is a personal comfort level. Try not to force the wood and allow the blade to do the cutting. If while cutting you stop moving the workpiece (the wood) and you can still see the blade move forward a bit, you have been pressing the wood too hard. Slow down the feed rate. the speed of the saw will be determined by your won comfort level, if it is going to fast you will not be able to anticipate and negotiate tight turns.

    Welcome to the forum I hope that helps. Others will be by with their advice as well.
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      Welcome irhper.

      There's an interesting discussion on blade speed here It's interesting to see that there is no definative answer.

      Happy scrolling.
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        I am always changing the blade speed, don't know why, that's just me I guess.
        Do it the way you want.

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