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Excalibur 16 Tension Saga Continues

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  • Excalibur 16 Tension Saga Continues


    Just a quick question. I got new FD blades. I have a reverse 12 mounted in the saw. I noticed that I wasn't getting any tension on the blade when I flipped the white plastic quick release lever back toward the saw.

    Then I realized that if I pushed down slightly on the blade mount part (circled in red on the attached photo) when I put the blade into the top blade holder, and then flipped the white plastic lever toward the saw, I could achieve tension.

    As you might recall from my earlier post, I have turned the tension knob at the back of the saw so much that I think it's all out of whack. I think I have that settled now, but I just want to make sure that I should be pushing slightly on the circled part when attaching the blade.

    Thanks for your help.
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    What you are doing does not sound right to me. I have an ex-21 and I had loads of problems with mine when I first got it. The rear tension knob should be adjusted so that when you put a blade into the top holder and then flip the white plastic lever over to the rear of the saw the blade has enough tension on it. It would pay to to contact Seyco and ask their advice.


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      On the EX21 I push down on the upper arm, the long green thing in the photo.
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        The rear knob on the EX has nothing to do with tension. It just raises and lowers the upper arm. Set the upper arm so that its about parallel to the table. Be sure that the arm is up high enough so that when you put in the reverse tooth blades, the reverse teeth reach above the table when its in its full upstroke position. After that is set, DO NOT TOUCH!. There is rarely a reason to ever touch it again.

        In regards to your tension problem, either the white flip lever is worn out or it needs to be adjusted. I do push down on that spot you are talking about to ensure I have the proper tension. But if you have the blade in properly, the act of flipping the white lever should give you the proper tension. To adjust the white lever, you will need to adjust the white plastic screw just in front of it. But do NOT do this on your own. Call Rey at Seyco. I tried doing it on my own once by following directions someone posted on this site. According to Rey they were incorrect directions and I wound up messing up the flip lever to the point where I needed to get a brand new one. You have to do cetain steps as you are adjusting the white screw. Turning the screw too much will mess up the whole mechanism. Call Seyco and he will get you up an running again or send you a new part if needed.


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          Hey Newdog. you seem to have a problem similar to one I had with my Ex21 recently. The white tension lever became worn out and would not stay in place. I obtained a new one from the agents. The new lever would not give any tension. It had a value of 5mm stamped on it whereas my manual stated a value of 10mm.for this part. After a lot of hassle locally I corresponded direct with General International , the makers of the saw ( Patrick product manager Excalibur division )

          I worked out that although my saw was about 2years old it must have been sitting in some warehouse for a long time because the only value for the lever now is 5mm and 7mm for the EX30.They could not supply a 10mm.
          He suggested that I press down on the top blade assembly like you mention and while holding it see if there was any play in the bottom blade assembly under the table. In the case of my saw there was considerable movement (about 10mm ) in the bottom assembly. It was obvious that the 5mm lever did not have enough travel to take out the slack.

          He arranged for a whole new new arm assembly to be supplied to my local agents who replaced it free of charge.
          Now there is no slack movement as before and everything works fine with the new lever.

          I suggest therefore that you contact General International or Ray of Seyco who apparently gives great service in the US.

          You have to get back to trouble free sawdust making as soon as possible


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