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Axminster AWFS18 blade alignment

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  • Axminster AWFS18 blade alignment

    Hi all,

    So my AWFS18 came yesterday, and Im very happy with it.

    I have 2 questions though,

    1.) I understand that you can adjust the cut length somehow, but im unsure how.

    2.) The blade is tilted forwards quite badly. Is there a special way to make it perfectly vertical? It makes the back of a cutout vary hugely to the front. I have set the blades using the jig at the side, making sure the blade is perfectly straight, but when I set the blades in the holder it looks way out.

    If I put the blade at the back of the bottom holder, and the front of the top holder, that helps... Is it a matter of taking the top blade holder off, and re-drilling the holes, or am I missing something?


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    Luke, It sounds like the table is out of whack front to back. If it's brand new give Axminster a call and explain what's wrong and they should tell you how to solve it or exchange it, they have a very good reputation for customer service.


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