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  • Delta 40-690

    Karen12, I purchased a Delta 40-690 from a lumber company in Amish country, Charm, Ohio. Keim Lumber. It was a factory reconditioned saw, which appeared like it was never used. I have been sawing for over 25 years, so I do have a little experience. I have owned an older EXIII in 19", 2 RBI Hawks, 2 14" Scrollmates, a Dremel, and now the Delta. I total 5 saws at this time.
    The Delta runs very smoothly with virtually no vibration at all. It did have excessive blade movement back and forth, 3/16" or close. I located a tuning page online for the Dewalt 788, which shows how to correct this. I tried it and now I love the saw. It works great. I still need to adjust the blade a little more, but I use it all the time. I can e-mail the link if anybody needs it. I have no other problems whatsoever with this saw. I paid $329.00 plus tax for the saw.
    My neighbor cannot believe the difference in this saw after the tuning. He loves cutting on it also.
    Thanks, Paul

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    you should have had your neighbor buy a new one yesterday.
    woodcraft had them on sale for $350 shipped. if i wasnt broke
    i would have had one ordered. sucks that it was a one day only sale.

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      He will end up with one someday. Right now he has two to cut on, but he will upgrade in the future.


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