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Ok I don't get it. How to tighten tension on ex 16

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  • Ok I don't get it. How to tighten tension on ex 16

    Hi I've been reading on here about plungers and other stuff including the knob on the back of the ex arm. I put my blades in the guides and turned the tightening knob then flipped the tension lever and i did get some tension but it needs more. it doesnt ping and i can move it when i push on it a little. I'm beginning to get very frustrated. I've had the saw over a week and the book that came with it answers nothing.

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    I suggest that you call Seyco but, here is what they told me and works fine.
    1-Adjust knob to make arm perfectly parallel to table - measure it to be sure.
    2-Insert blade in top and bottom - snug -don't need to over tighten-be sure blade is fully straight and all the way to the back of the blocks.
    3-flip tension lever up and back into place.

    If that does not give you quite the tension you want, then turn the knob slightly (clockwise)

    Hope that makes it a little clearer.
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      Just a simple question you are moving the tension level so it points to you when puting in the blade and pushing it away from you to tighten the blade? I have a EX21 with out any trouble getting tension.


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        I am doing everything right i believe. when i put the blades in i have trouble getting the top blade to slide all the way to the back so when i tighten it it isnt catching. when i can get it back in there far enough the flat part of the blade sticks out a bit either over the top one or the bottom one. then i flip the tension lever away from me and it does tighten up just not much. so i will give them a phone call i guess. right now im not feeling well so i have to lay back down. thanks for your kindness in answering


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          You can't have the blade stick up much above the top clamp bolt because there is stuff in the way up there which is probably why you can't get the blade all the way back.

          One thing you might want to try as well is cleaning the tips of the blades with mineral spirits or paint thinner. Many blades have an oily residue which will cause them to slip in the blade holders when you try to tension them. You may also have gotten some oil onto the holder thumbscrew and set screw(opposite the thumb screw). You can take these out and clean them with mineral spirits as well.

          Another thing to check is the depth of the set screw on the blade clamp. Be sure it's sticking out slightly inside so that the blade gets properly pinched in there. Sometimes this set screw can move a little. I put removable threadlocker (blue Loctite) on these set screws on my saw so that they can't move on their own. Be sure to use removable Loctite if you do this so that you can take the set screws out if you have to.
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