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  • Erratic cutting

    Hi, just got a ryobi scroll saw and things are not going all that well :-)
    Every thing seems to going well when suddenly the blade starts wandering a bit. It's as if it twists slightly. I have followed the book on tension etc. I have also broken a couple of blades.
    Any suggestions.
    If you can laugh at yourself you will be constantly amused.

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    Hi Kobber. It is difficult to pin point the exact cause of the problem. f you are using thick hardwood it is sometimes difficult to follow the line because of the various densities of the wood. Another cause is not enough blade tension. Scroll sawing is a lengthly learning cerve which cannot be learnt from a book but only by practice, as you get more experienced you will over come this problem I am sure, stick with it and enjoy, I always tell beginners to start with thin wood as it is easier to control the blade.


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      Try useing reverse blades or ultra reverse blades



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        If things are going good initially and then suddenly the blade starts to wander, it could be that you lost some of the tension that you started out with. Sometimes with these saws the blade can slip a little bit due to a variety of reasons. As soon as you feel the blade is wandering, I would stop and see if you have the same tension that you started out with. Take your finger and "ping" the blade before starting and then when you start having troubles and see if you get the same high pitch sound. If you get a lower tone, you definitely lost some tension. It's also a possibility that you did actually twist the blade and once you do that, you might as well put a new one in as that will definitely cause you to cut all over the place. I've done that a number of times. A couple other things that could cause wandering are dull blades and pushing too hard. Those two things often go hand in hand. A dull blade will not follow a line as good so once you feel that the blade is not that sharp, change it. Also do not push the wood through the blade. Just guide it. Thats a common mistake that most of do from time to time especially when your blade is starting to dull. See if any of this helps you. Good luck.


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          Thanks guys
          I will endevour to preserver
          If you can laugh at yourself you will be constantly amused.


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