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    i am new and looking forward to getting into scroll sawing. i do wood carving and enjoy that alot. i was wondering what should i look for when i get my scrollsaw. and what should i avoid. i'll be buying a scrollsaw with my school loans if i dont get one for christmas so should be able to get a decent one. also what accessories are good to get? any help is greatly apperciated thank you

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    I'd suggest looking over all the threads concerning your question. You will find many discussions on saws.

    Try looking in this forum.

    Tools and Blades - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Message Board
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      Hi Flagrl. When looking to buy a scroll saw for the first time I would look for variable speed rather than one or two fixed speeds. Another important issue is quick change blade clamps, life is so much easier with these, you don't want to be wasting time with allen keys every time you change the blade, which will be often. Don't go for one of the cheapies made in the far east, they tend to vibrate a lot a the higher speeds. If you can ask to see the saw working before to buy it. As to accessories, you will need a light, a lot of people make do with a desk type lamp but if you are going to be doing really intricate work you may want a magnifying light. For doing pierced work which you are bound to be doing you will need a drill, most people that scroll have a pillar drill but you can get away with a small cordless drill you re-charge. As you read through the forum you will learn a lot about the things you need like glue and blue tape. Finally, when you get your saw never ever use the blades that come with it, throw them out and. I use flying Dutchman blades from Mikes workshop, I consider them the best. If you want to produce good work then use a good blade with the right speed and before you know it you will be designing and making your own things.


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        Thank you so much I appreciate the advice I will be sure to look around the fourm for help and I will keep in mind that's advice when I go look for a scroll saw. Again thank you


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          does anyone use this scroll saw? Delta 20 Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw 40-690 - Rockler Woodworking Tools
          its a delta 20 inch variable speed. i read some reviews on it it seems nice. should i try this one or keep looking around?


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