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  • Ready to roll, finally

    I joined this forum around a year ago. I was all fired up and ready to scroll. I had just recently purchased a Craftsman 16" back then. I never did get that saw to hold a straight blade. The pin type was fine but the straight blades will pop out just before I had enough tension on it. I tried all of the suggestions but nothing worked. Well last week I found a Dewalt 788 on Craigslist listed for $175. I knew it would be gone but it wasn't. It was quite a little drive out there. I got there plugged it in and it purred like a sewing machine. The table had a lot of rust on it and told the guy it would take some elbow grease to clean it up so I took a chance and offered the guy $150 and he took it!!! I didn't realize it is a type 1 till I got it home. I took the table off and used some brake cleaner and a razor blade to get what rust I could. I used some Krud Kutter rust remover. The table is baby butt smooth, discolored but smooth. I then put a coat of wax on it. It now looks great. This saw was very lightly used. Oh yea, it didn't have the stand with it. I was looking on Ebay and Tool King had three on there for $36.95 with free shipping. I just got the stand and mounted the saw. It looks even better with the stand. I'm so excited I can't even decide what to cut first!!!! I have to pick up some wood first. LOL
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    Welcome back and congrats on your new saw. You will be addicted in not time. You got a really good deal on it especially since it is a type 1.! Looking forward to pics of your accomplishments.
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      Congrats on an awesome find.


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        Warning..Scrolling can be addictive....Look out for the people on this forum, they'll just feed you all kinds of adVICE and suck you

        Really congrats on what may be a great saw. My type 1 788 is over 12years old, and purrs like a kitten to this day....

        If you want to have some fun try out this Inlay Tutorial and Challenge. It's a neat little project to help you broaden your horizons.. And is a whole lot of fun.....

        Oh, and Welcome to the forum. The folks here are truely the best.
        Looking forward to pictures of your work. We love that here..!!!

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          That was a good buy, Now get it all dirty with sawdust
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            Congrats. That is a Type 1 machine (made in North America). It should be rock solid for many years. BTW, I have seen Type 1's sell for $300 or better so you scored well.
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              Thanks for the replys. Now the harder part is to find something I can saw. What type of wood would make good "practice" wood? The big box stores did have much in the way of 1/4" and 1/2" stock. The did have some pine and popular. I don't want to use maple and walnut to practice on even if I could find it. I went to a woodworking show today but about zero things they for scroll sawing. I'm looking for a local source for wood. I am able to resaw and plane so that's a possibility. What is the best width of wood to buy?


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