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  • buying a saw

    New to the boards. want to buy a scroll saw and need a little help.i was looking at the dewalt but read that there are problems with them. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Buying a SAw

    On my web site I have reviews of many of the main saws. I have also added videos of blade changing and features of the main saws. This might help you to understand a little better what the pros and cons are to each saw.
    Rick Hutcheson


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      What is your budget? There are several saws in the sub $200 range, then there are a couple in the $400-$500 range, then you take a big leap up to saws around $1000 or more. These are very general ranges, but maybe helpful to know.
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        my buget is around 500. i guees i should have posted that but if there a good one cheaper ill have no prob spending less


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          Hi and welcome to the group,

          I have a DeWalt 788 and like many others on this site I'm very satisfied with it.

          I saw it advertized at 499$CDN including the support table and a light from House of tools, you can't really beat that kind of price for that much machine.

          I suggest you visit Rick H.'s website and then bring your questions.


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            Hi; Iamdead, strange handle, but whatever. Welcome to the forum.
            I wouldn't be shy to buy a Dewalt788, they're a great scrollsaw. Easy blade clamps and pretty user friendly. The problems I've had with mine were pretty minor and easy to fix.
            Just my $.02


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              What i was reading about was that in the type 2 modles people where having trouble with attaching the baldes. and was wondering if the have addressed a fixed that problem. if no im not going to buy a saw that i already know is going to give me a problem


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                It's not a real problem.

                I have been using mine for a while and just recently realized by looking at Rick's new videos what everyone was talking about. I have one that is supposedly a problematic model. It hasn't prevented me from working at all.

                There is just more space between the blade clamps. It doesn't prevent you from clamping the blade there's just less blade to clamp from what I could see on the video.

                Once you get used to it, it's fine. And if you haven't owned a saw before you won't even know there is a problem.

                I don't know if the following analogy is going to make any sense, but I'll try it anyways:

                If you've never driven a Mustang with a V8, you'll never know what you're missing while having the time of your life driving a Mustang with a V6.

                But if someone tells you: "Hey you're missing the boat cause you don't have a V8" and you start listening, your pleasure is suddenly a lot less.

                I say, enjoy the V6, since you can't afford the V8, and don't go for the imported model that comes only with a V4 just because someone told you the mustang V8 was better than the Mustang V6, and you want to play safe.

                DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

                NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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                  Oh and i thought i should post this thats a great site you got there rick very helpful. Just thought id say Thanks


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                    Welcome to the group! I bought a Dewalt from Grizzly in April and have had a great experience with it. Got the saw, stand, and light for around $450. It is a type 2. Only issues is trying to find enough time to use it
                    Also they have good customer service. Just purchased a second one for my daughter who is starting to take up this addictive pasttime. I warned her but she would not listen!

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                      The DeWalt is a good saw in my opinion. I have had mine for about 5 years I think, since I wore out my Delta 2 speed. I did actually buy the new RBI about a year or so ago, but sent it back. I wasn't impressed with it, and had a lot of problems with it. Was a waste of shipping money on my part. Still using the DeWalt and loving it.
                      Mark Abbett


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                        I have had my RBI G4 for about a year and a half and have yet to see a saw that I like better.

                        Iamdead, as you can see from this forum every one develops an attachment to their saw and thinks theirs is the best. If you have the opportunity to actually try different saws it would make the decision a bit easier. What Rick has done with his videos is fantastic; they really give you a great deal of information.
                        You are also not committed to your saw for life. I started with my Delta ss350; it was a big step up from the old Craftsman that I inherited. I then had the opportunity to use a couple of Hegners and the RBI. The RBI had features that worked well with MY style of cutting.
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                          I am one of the ones having problems with my blade clamps too far apart on my new Dw788. In my case it is a problem. I cannot change the blade like Rick does in the video. There is too much space between the clamps. Once in a while I got lucky & would get it after many attempts. I think once that gets fixed it will be a great saw. I bought from Toolking, and now have it at the Dewalt dealer in Fargo, ND & since I didn't buy the saw there, I will have to wait for them to take care of their customers first, but Dewalt admitted to the problem & said they would take care of me although I haven't heard from them yet. Hope this helps.


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                            Just ordered from Amazon. saved so extra $ thanks to Iamdusty for the promo code(ALL TOOLS) got a extra 50$ off.So in short prob have a couple of days to say goodbye to the wife cause im about to live in my garage .

                            Thanks to everyone for the replys you where all very helpful.


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                              Originally posted by Iamdead
                              im about to live in my garage
                              You can't live in your garage - you're already dead .

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