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    Made the snowman from the link below in 1" pine. Has cuts for his arms - you just use the blade to cut into the body to define the arms, not actually cut out any wood. - Free Pattern for a Snowman Ornament
    Used sandpaper inside the cut to make the slice a bit bigger. But, when I paint it, won't the paint cover the cut? How do I keep the arm cuts noticable? I know that when I paint a room in my house with trim that doesn't quite meet the wall, the paint covers that gap. thx!

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    If the paint fills the cuts you want to see, take a toothpick and scrape the wet paint out of them. It should work fine.



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      If you use a larger blade, say a #12 the saw kerf will show up fine. If you don't have a #12. After you paint the snowman you can either use your saw and cut the kerf again or just run a blade through the kerf to rid yourself of the clogged paint. If you choose the latter wear some gloves. These tiny blades can cut if you are not careful and if the blade were to get jammed, you may very well slice your finger open...Don't ask me how I know.
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        Thin your paint some and apply a few coats of the thinned paint allowing each coat to dry thoroughly. "Sand" between coats with a piece of brown paper bag.


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