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  • More cutting help please!

    When I finished cutting out a pattern, I noticed several places on the back where the wood had chipped. Since I'm still experimenting, I used a piece of1/4" luan plywood I had laying around. I cut it with a 2/0 skip tooth blade at a
    medium/slow speed. I would be interested in hearing opinions on what caused the chipping.Thanks,Roadhog

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    It is not you or the blade - it is that luan. It can be splintery and brittle. Try backing it up with a piece of cardboard - like from the back of a tablet of paper, or from a cereal box. Tape 'em together at the edges to keep them together. Walaa- you're stack cutting!
    Or you could try taping the back (as well, perhaps, as the front). Usually I use packing tape (clear) but on luan I'd use low-tack masking tape (blue, purple - whatever is at your supplier that can stay on the longest)
    You could even just stack 2 or 3 layers of lauan - you could even use the cardboard and/or tape. The increased thickness may help your control, and you'll have several pieces to share with admirers.
    I'm glad you're having fun - keep it up.


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      Roadhog, try using a reverse tooth blade. I use a 2/0 28 t.p.i. reverse tooth straight blade for most of my cuttings and get very little chipping on the back side. Chipping on the back side won't hurt anything if it doesn't show unless you are doing fretwork where both sides show. Mick P-20
      Mick, - Delta P-20

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        Luan has a lot of voids in the laminations which cause "chip out" or splintering. It's OK to practice on but you want to avoid trying to create a masterpiece with it. Go with BB ply for your "good stuff".
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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          I use luam for the top piece so that I can throw it away when I a finished stack cutting. The piece under that is alway perfect (well, as perfect as as can make it) with no fuzzies or tape or glue residue, etc.
          Chuck D

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          Jean De La Bruyere...

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            Many thanks again

            : Thank you all. As usual,you have been most helpful. I consider myself blessed to have found such a great bunch of people. Thank you,thank you!


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