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  • I Need Help with Blades

    I've had my scroll saw for about a year now. I create projects out of wood to raise money for our Ethiopia adoption...Mainly wood in the shape of Africa. But I am having so much trouble with breaking blades. My saw has adjustable speed and I keep it on high speed. I try to make sure I'm not forcing the wood along and when I come to curves, I try to start the turn ahead of time. But just today I broke 3 blades. I have noticed the blades mainly break near the top. I use pin-end blades that I buy from either Lowes or Home Depot.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hi Debi... First thing I would do is replace the blades with ones made by Flying Dutchman or Olson. You should be able to find them at a good hardware store. Then check your blade tension and be sure the blades are tight (see the 'ping' method here on the forum...) and be sure the upper blade holder is nice and clean so it's holding the upper pin on the blade well. My best guess though is it's the blades you're using...the scroll saw blades from the big box stores are...well, not the best even for their prices! Good luck and safe scrolling.
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      Tell us more about the saw. Brand and model would help.

      Try slowing down your saw, maybe to as much as half of what yor are currently running. Then let us know if that made any difference.



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        Hi Debi,
        I am sorry but I do not sell pin blades. Go to my web site and click on Q & A you might find some help.
        Most blades have a burr on the right side and they will cut to the right. Move the wood some degree to the right, it makes it easier to stay on the line. When making a turn, I like to put some back pressure on the blade and just turn the wood. You might find an other idea on my site to make turns.
        Go to this site and check if he can help you with other clamps so you can use pin-less blades.
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          I have basically the same question. I have been using the Lowe's spiral blades to do a variety of letters using pine, aspen, red oak and birch. However, I can barely get through one 4" tall and 0.5" deep letter without breaking a blade. I have used the "ping" method to make sure the tension is correct, though sometimes the blades will snap just trying to get the tension correct.

          I'm ordering some dutchman blades soon and from what I've read in the forum, sprial blades sound like the way to go for letters. What thickness would be good to use? Mostly for pine and red oak boards. Thanks!


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