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    I have a 21" excalibur scroll saw about 1 year old with no more than 3 hours on it, and I have noticed Lately it has a'lot more vibration on the table in front than it did before. What happened or what have I done wrong.

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    Do you have it bolted to a solid surface. If not start there.
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      I have no experience with that saw but I would check all visible nuts, bolts, and screws to make sure they are tight.
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        Also, are you using it on the same (type) floor as before? Sitting on a solid concrete floor there's little vibration, but on a wood frame floor (over basement or on 2nd floor) the vibrations are very variable depending if the saw is on a floor joist or not. Doesn't help that one house was built very cheaply...


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          Thanks for all those ideas, but all those things check out. It is only towards the front of the table,I just don't get it.


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            I would e-mail or call Ray at He is great with the Excalibur and it does not matter if you purchased it from him. I have had mine for about 3 months and have had no trouble. I hope this helps.
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              If it only seems to vibrate at the front of the table, could the table be loose?

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                Concerning the quality of the floor, it does matter. But my EX is currently sitting in a portable building and I run it full out with little vibration, on concrete there is very very little. If you have any blade travel, you might make that adjustment and see if it makes any difference.

                I'll echo the prior sentiments about calling Ray. Seyco support is one of the compelling aspects of owning the EX.

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