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  • Got a question on price

    I bought a Scroll Saw 23" Craftsman Heavy Duty for 145.00
    Now the guy wants to sell me a Skil saw 5150 for 30.00 .
    1. did i paid to much for the scroll saw ??
    2. and is the 5150 worth 30.00 .

    thanks for comments and feedbacks..

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    What kind of condition is it in? $30 isn't too much to pay for a decent circular saw, as long as it isn't beat. Make sure the sole plate is flat and in line with the blade. Fire it up & listen to it run. Make sure it sounds and runs smooth, no hard vibrations, no excessive squealing (bad bearings, brushes, etc). If it will only get occasional use, and it passes muster, it's probalby $30 well spent.

    As for the Craftsman scroll saw, again condition is the most important thing. $145 doesn't sound like a bad price if it's not too old & beat. That's about what you would pay for a decent entry level saw brand new, but only a 16" throat. It was most likely well over $200 brand new.
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      You have a servicable saw there.
      It is always frustrating buying tools. I paid $270 for my saw only to see it in the same store 1 year later for $150. The way I look at it I got a years good use for $120, not an expensive hobby really.

      As for the Skil saw here is a link to check

      I am not sure if I would buy one unless I really needed it.
      I have a circular saw, and a cordless circular saw, I really do not use either.
      Call me goofy but I use my scroll saw for almost everything.

      Welcome to the forum and keep asking questions.
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        I think you did good on the saw..

        I paid over $300 for my 20 inch Craftsman a year and 1/2 ago..
        but I have to say, it looks nothing like yours....

        I think I would rather have yours than mine...

        back to the shop, my 2 day break is over...

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          I'd say you probably did good with both deals. My sears has no parts available. I still love it, but I think it's heavier than the anchor on the titanic. A circular saw is a good thing to have. I don't use mine often, but it's a must have if you are buying rough lumber and need to create a straight edge on it so that you can run it through a table saw.
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            Janey, sorry sweetie, I don't know squat, on that saw. but it looks like a good dill. your picture is so cute. I guess what i am trying to say is welcome to the group. if i came across this saw when i was starting. i would have bought it in a hart beet. and learned what i could do with it. if you just stick around , the pros here will teach you, all about the saws,, what does, and what nots. good luck, and keep comeing back. we could learn from you. good find. your friend Evie


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