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  • Stand or sit?

    Hi, everyone. Got a question I think someone can give advice. STAND OR SIT? I have been standing, but I'm wondering if this could get pretty tiresome after a while. To you senior members, have you found that it is better to sit while scrolling? My husband says you have more control if standing. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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    I both set and stand. If I need leverage I stand, when tired I set.
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      Mary, I like to sit. I have good control of my workpieces too. Another reason I sit is, I added a foot pedal, so I would not have to reach up & turn the saw on & off with my hand. I can keep both hands on the piece all the time. It is very difficult to use the foot pedal while standing though. Sometimes, if the work piece is large, it is imposible to turn the wood. Your body is in the way & you can't turn it. I use spiral blades most of the time, so I don't have to turn the wood too often. It will be your preference, when you try both ways, then you have to decide. Good Luck


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        I sit all the time to scroll. I have better control of my work that way.
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          Hi Mary, I'm like Mike I sit all time. I can't see my work standing.

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            I do both, stand and sit. My saw is quite high so even sitting I need a tall stool.
            I also have an adjustable footrest on my saw, Not that I adjust it too much.
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              I started out standing, then moved to a bar type stool. But either way my back was still killing me half the time. So i took a heavy TV stand and made it work as a saw stand so that now I can sit and saw. Definitely has made an improvement with the back pain.


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                I'm a sitter when I'm doing the nice cuts but I stand when I use the scroll saw to cut a piece from a sheet of plywood or Masonite.
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                  I always sit to complete my work. I find that I have better control. It is easier on the back and I can see the pattern better.

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                    I sit most of the time as I have better control of the wood while sitting. But sometimes I stand for small quick cuts. Kind of funny really as I have a couple saws and one of my saws I do better standing while the other 2 saws I do better sitting, Not sure why that is, lol



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                      I almost always sit as it's more comfortable and I can cut for a much longer period of time before needing to take a break. On the ocasions where there isn't enough room between me and the piece to swing it through a cut, I will stand (hunched over since my saw remains low) or use a spiral blade.

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                        I vary it, depending on what I'm cutting, and what body parts are hurting. Also, sometimes when I've been at it a while, it's just good to change position. It's really one of those things that's very individual, with no right or wrong way. I do find, however, that when I have the table at a steep angle, I stand to have more control over the workpiece.

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                          I sit when cutting. But make it a habit to get up and move around and stretch about every 1/2 hour or so. Need to keep the blood in my legs moving. Also it is easyer on my neck and back....

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                            I have never tried sitting & scrolling, not sure I'd like to.
                            Maybe if I got a seat with the perfect height, I think that would be kinda difficult, and would further clutter up a garage already pressed for space.
                            Then again, I'm not a senior, and I'm quite used to standing and walking hours on end on my jobs anyhow.

                            I did notice that the angle to the saw needed adjusting, I thought about jacking up the rear of the saw as some folks do, but its bolted down to my bench ,,, So I thought, why not adjust my height ?
                            I built a little stand out of 2x6's and some MDF, that extra 7 inches was perfect, so now I am perched on my stand when I cut.


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                              I always sit. Better control and don't get so tired.


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