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  • Advice for Handling Dust

    Forgive my needing so many questions answered, but you all gave me permission.
    As I anticipate setting up my DW788, I need some guidance in knowing how I might be able to handle the dust. My work area is quite small (approx. 10 X 8'). I have a bandsaw, disk sander and drillpress. So far, I have just used a shopvac to clean up after I work, but I thought I should try to do something better. I plan to spend a lot more time scrolling than I have using the other tools in the past.
    So any advice including use of and types of masks will be appreciated.
    Thanks again in advance, Dale

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    Hi again Dale. Boy I am so glad you are asking lots of quistions. told you , you just can't post to much. so ask away. on the dust thing, I don't have any dust calecting thing at all, except my shop vack. But there is some good stuff Out there , as you will see in some more posting on this thread. but what i will say is. all your other saws and sanding devices, put out alot more dust than your scroll saw. I don't find the dust bothersom at all.from my scroll saw. except it gets in my lap, and you can guid it away from that if you wont. most my sawdust falls underneath. so a shop vack is all I need there. now a plainer, thats another story, thats alot of dust. there has been a lot of threads in recent past, that talk about their systems, maybe you could scroll throught some of the old post. while your waiting for these guys to get home from work, to reply to this one. sorry I can't help to much here. Evie


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      With my new 788, most of the dust seems to end up on the floor directly below blade. I have not experinced much dust other than a little on pants and a little to the right (the way my blower is set up. I was going to try the box fan and furnace filter idea to get the little airborne dust.

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        Same as Tim with my 788, most of the dust on the floor and a little on my right leg. my shop has a garage door for an entrance and my saw is about 5 ft inside against the wall . With the hot weather I always have a fan blowing on me from the inside of the shop which takes what little airborne there is out the garage door. As a newbie I have read some serious and informative articles about the affects of the airborne dust and the fact that just because you can't see it doesn't mean it is not there. Some of the more exotic woods can be toxic I have read. I have also read about the box-fan-filter trick and will most ikely use it this winter. I take it seriously but so far have not had any problems. i eagerly await the the replies from the " sharp blades " on this one
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          Dale, I always wear a dust mask while scrolling. Look at your glasses after scrolling for awhile, that is what you are breathing. I use a CFR-1 mask that I purchased from that will not fog your glasses and is very comfortable to wear. The mask, 21 filters and shipping came to less than $40.00, much less than a lung transplant. Mick
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            I have a central ceiling hung air cleaner which runs at all times while I am in the shop. Also (should say - usually) wear a dust mask. Paper dust mask, very inexpensive at couple bucks for 50 or so. Just bought a Dust-B-Gone mask which is washable and should last a lifetime. I do wear glasses and have to agree that after a couple of hours scrolling or any type woodworking there is an accumulation on the lens indicating what I am/or would be inhaling without a mask.


            Paul S.


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              Thanks for all your answers thus far. Could someone tell me where I could find the string or information on the filter box you mentioned? I have some asthma (not bad) so do plan to use a mask or protection of some sort.


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                I have some lung problems also, and I actually scroll in the house. I am paranoid about dust, but have had extremely good results from using a dust mask, a box fan with a furnace filter on it, and a sheet hung around the corner where I cut wood. I have only used non-toxic varieties so far, and probably will cut the nastier types of wood outside. I vacuum as I go. I have noticed that a few woodworkers in my neighborhood don't vacuum until the sawdust gets about waist-high


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                  Trend Airshield Respirators are great for protecting against the inhalation of wood dust, but they're no good at filtering out smoke when your cold meat smoker catches fire and becomes a very hot smoker.


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                    You mean I'm supposed to clean up the sawdust. Why didn't someone tell me sooner.
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                      Originally posted by Iamdusty
                      Thanks for all your answers thus far. Could someone tell me where I could find the string or information on the filter box you mentioned? I have some asthma (not bad) so do plan to use a mask or protection of some sort.
                      Hay Dale... here is one place.. and you can get a free cataloge from them.
                      Woodcraft. I am thinking of getting this mask my self. Page 22. Dust Bee Gone it says. The Best nuisance Dust Mask: Made from woven polyester with heavey 3/4 elastic straps with hook and loop closure on the bottom and plastic quick release buckle on the top, this mask forms to all face shapes and even works with beards. easy to breathe through and it's hand washabale. with proper care sizes include, medium(woman/small men, neck size 14-15) Large (most men, neck size 15-18), and xlarge (men's neck size 18.5-26). th prices are 39.99. the #'s are 141104 141152--an-141153
                      now this sounds like a great mask for me. you also can call 1-800-535-4486
                      hope this helps. they have lots of great stuff. your friend Evie


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                        Thanks Evie, I will definitely check it out. Sounds like it wood be a goodun.


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