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My " albatross " is finished !

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  • My " albatross " is finished !

    OK, it ain't the purdiest puppy in the litter but it is finally done ! I actually started this in Feb from my own drawing , before I could even spell segmentation! It was just the lighthouse then. It just seemed like a good idea at the time.I inlaid and cut and elevated and sanded and re-cut and cussed and tried different things know the drill. got it pretty decent ( my baby was proud ) ...then the backer board warped !! Looked like a tired inchworm.....couldn't even hang it up
    I walked away from it, but it has always bugged me (I worked my redneck butt off on this thing !). I tried to ignore it for a few months , then just recently had the idea to add the clouds and dunes to help straighten it out ...and it worked ! it's as good as it ever will get ( by my hand ) now and I can finally put it to bed.
    Glad to have the albatross from around my neck and wanted to share the joy

    DW788 and Hawk 226

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    Great work there Sawduster
    it definetly takes more work when your doing your own and dont have the patterns or guide to go by .
    Great work

    "Everything Happens for a Reason"
    Craftsman 18in. 21609


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      well.......looks great.

      Your albatross around your neck has turned into a gem !
      Pete Ripaldi

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        I love the way you used the grain of the wood on the tower stones.
        Nice work.
        RBI G4 26 Hawk, EX 16 with Pegas clamps, Nova 1624 DVR XP
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          Persistance has paid off!

          It is nice to know the story behind a piece. I think we can all relate to the albatross. I agree with Rolf about the stones and the grain.

          Great Job
          "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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            Nice work Robert,

            And a nice save that adds to your design.

            Good use of the wood grain as stated.

            DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

            NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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              Wow, good going there Son. what a nice save. I to love the rock work. and the clouds with segules. just gos to show ya, what insentive can do. a piece to be proud of. and your own pattern too. wow. Your friend Evie


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