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  • patterns...patterns...patterns...

    howdy all

    Seems like im collecting patterns faster than i can use them.
    Based on some comments i have read looks like a few of you do the same.

    Ive got a bunch over there and there and there......i need a better way to store and find them.

    Mabey i just shouldnt save any, when i need one i'll just go on line...

    how do you keep track and store what you have, do we really need thousands of them (ok stupid question...of course we do...... i think)

    Pete Ripaldi

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    I have a binder with the plastic document protectors for all of the designs from one artist. The rest of my patterns are stored in a portable ( has a carry handle) plastic file box with hangers. I have been categorizing them in a system that makes sense to me now. I also have the "My Scroll saw Projects software" that I am trying to use to create a database on my computer. I have been leaving the magazine patterns in the magazine.
    I think I will loose control soon and the patterns will take over.
    I also have a photo album of every thing that I cut with pattern info on the back of the photo.
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      I like to scan mine into PDF format then I can print them off as I need.
      I keep the originals in magazines in a binder. They are held in place with a magazine fob.

      No there can never be enough patterns.

      I may need therapy though
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        Too many patterns............No such thing. I have patterns from computer stored on CD's. I have organized them according to type such as animal, people, landscape, fantasy, etc. I also have them sorted by designer. That way I have two copies, but on different discs. I have tried to also index my magazine collections so that I can find the pattern that I am looking for without having to go through them all to find it. You never know what someone will want you to cut. The more the better!!

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          My way is real easy, I stack in a cabinet in the garage and I forget what I have. Out of sight out of mind.
          Doesn't work very good.

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            Hi Pete, ya gotta love Greenfield Bob's post
            I had to develope a system pretty quick cause I kept losing patterns . Now what I do is use a binder method. I photo copy the index of the magazine (I only subscripe to one,) and I place that in the binder in numeric order of course. I remove the pattern sheets and place them in plastic document covers, and they go in the binder too. When I want a pattern I scan through the index's, until I find what I'm looking for,and low and behold there's the pattern sheet too right there in the binder, if I put it back after I used it last time.
            Not real sophisticated, not even my original idea , but it works for me.
            Good Luck and happy scrolling


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              Organizing Patterns

              I purchased some plastic file boxes and File Folders at Walmart. You could then label and organize the folders as you might wish, by topic, Name, Source, or any other method.

              Richard Preator
              Richard Preator


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                organized????????????? not mine, i have just piles, no organization skills whatsoever. I search until I find, each time. Dale
                Dale w/ yella saws


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                  thanks for all the suggestions, some nifty ideas......pete
                  Pete Ripaldi

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                    Hehehe, I have 2 filing cabinets with paper copies, generally sorted by type then title (i.e. clocks/victorian or whatever). I also have digital ones stored on DVD's, similar to what Tim does. When someone asks me for a special piece, I usually can't find the pattern anyways, LOL.
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                      Originally posted by Jediscroller
                      When someone asks me for a special piece, I usually can't find the pattern anyways, LOL.

                      ........perfect !!
                      Pete Ripaldi

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