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  • New scroller question...

    I have just started using my scrollsaw and i am curious to find out if I am doing things right. I seem to be breaking at least one blade on every puszzle that I make. The blade always seems to break at the top rather than the bottom. Is the blade tension to tight or am I being to aggressive on my turning of the wood. It doesn't seem to matter if I use maple or still happens.


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    Paul, is the breakage at a point where the blade cuts the wood, or up by the clamp? is it a flat end blade, or is there a little pin doohickey on the blade? any idea what size blade it is? what saw, and speed, and wood thickness? Your question is to vague for me to be of much help, but welcome, you have come to the right place. Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      What kind of "puzzle" are you cutting? How thick is the wood? What size blade are you using?

      Happy to help if I can....



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        new scroller help

        OK I guess I was a little vague for anyone to be of much help to me. I am trying to do hardwood puzzles that have keys in them. The wood is about 3/4" thick maybe alittle bit more. I don't see a blade #...but there are 20 TPI and are pinned. The blades are breaking about 1/2" from the top. The speed is set at about 1200.

        Hopefully this helps evryone help me out.

        Thanks, Paul


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          hmm, just a guess, but are you going slow enough for the teeth to keep up?Your speed seems ok,and depending on the turns, perhaps turning to tight a radius? It seems like aa unusual place to break. Dale
          Does your saw have pinless blade capabilities? If so,theres a bigger variety of blades available , you could try a few diffrent sizes and see if theres any diffrence.
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            Thanks, I will try slowing down alot and using thinner blades that are not pinned at the ends. Hopefully this helps me out alot.



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              Blade Tension

              Just a suggestion but you might want to try cranking the tension up a couple notches. Sounds as if your blade is flexing. Too tight is better than too loose so give it a try.
              If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                Ok, thanks for the help. I tightened the blade up alot and it seems to work alot better. I am going to get some pinless blades also when I have the chance to go down the shop and buy them.



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