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  • Toni/Sue: Listen up

    A few more pointy parts on Oakoo would've made it a real challenge.
    Obviously you gals didn't know I'm new at fret work, but I got it cut out,
    and it looks well not too bad.
    OK here's a little peek. It's not quite finished, I'm gonna mount it on a
    black backer board.

    My hubby loves it, and my grandson will flip when he sees it. He's a real freak
    when it comes to odd and unusual.
    His birthdays coming up, maybe I'll give it to him.
    Anyway: Great pattern

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    That's pretty cool! Well done! When's the masqurade party, Marsha?
    Cheers. Teresa .


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      what kind of wood did you use Marsha?
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        Very nice work

        "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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          Masked Personalities

          Hey.... Oakoo looks like the original! Nice work!

          For someone new at fretwork - ya done good! Next time I'll be sure to put a couple more sharp turns in there for you since you did so well on this one! Giggle.

          Please let us know what your Grandson thinks when he sees it. The kids in the youth program seem to enjoy our "Masked Personalities" so they all must share in your Grandson's appreciation for the odd and unusual.

          Glad to hear you liked the pattern, and thanks for posting this photo. Sue and I really enjoy seeing how people work out the patterns we create.

          Take care


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            Darn Marsha,

            Nice job, but you beat me to the punch.

            I finished cutting mine last night, but will wait till it's finished before posting pictures.

            I cut mine in Padauk, or it might be Bloodwood; I still have to figure out which is which . Anyway it's orange.

            It was interesting to say the least. I never cut that wood before, there were net differences in some places harder/softer. I started out using Pégas Modified Geometry #1 inside, then switched to #3, then went to Pégas #5 skip tooth reverse. Finally decided to use #7 Pégas skip tooth reverse on the outside: that went super

            I have some sanding to do, then finishing. Should have pictures by the week-end.
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              Oh wow, you cut Oakoo too Marcel?
              This is so very nice to hear.

              When I met Sue she had all sorts of mask sketches. I instantly liked how they were so very different from anything I had seen yet she wasn't convinced that anyone would want to work them out as patterns. We have taken some of her original designs, added more characters to the collection and created fretwork and intarsia/segmentation patterns for each of the characters.

              Again the sketches sit. Some are complete patterns waiting to be cut (tested) and some are just filed away because I still can't convince Sue they should be out there for scrollers.

              So, if you like Oakoo and would want to see more "Masked Personalities" please let us know - post a photo of your Oakoo. We would really enjoy your feedback on the masks.

              Looking forward to seeing your Oakoo Marcel!

              Take care


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                I just love it. I love odd things like that. and masks. I for one would love to see more of this. now i need to go look this pattern up. and try my own hand at it. your frined Evie


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                  Of course I would love to see more masked personalities

                  And I would love to see them in a size I can appreciate them.

                  Looking forward to it,
                  DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

                  NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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