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Another "Best Saw" question for a newbie!

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  • Another "Best Saw" question for a newbie!

    Hi All!

    I've been lurking in the forums for the last couple of weeks, and finally decided to post my first question. Well I have decided that after three years of pursuing a bachelor's, then two more years of pursuing an MBA (while working 60+ hour weeks) that I will now have many many hours of freetime. I think that Scroll Sawing will be the new obsession to take up all that freetime.

    This leads me to my question. Everyone seems to have their favorite saw, most are fairly expensive. Since this will be a graduation gift (joint gift from my family), I'd like to stay under $250.

    So what is the best saw available for under $250? Currently I am leaning to the Dremel Scroll Station (1800).....

    Thanks for your opinons!!


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    Mike, first welcome to the forum. I was considering buying that exact same saw when I was in the market for one which was just about a month or so ago. But I went with the DeWalt 788 instead. I wanted the extra 2 inches in throat depth and I think the blade change is quicker on the DeWalt. From what I hear the Dremel is a good saw, plus you can remove the sanding disk and attach the Dremel flex shaft to it. It's a pretty cool design. If you go to the Home Depot website they have an interactive video of that saw on there, you can actualy see it working! And they show all the features of the saw. I think for a first saw it would be a great choice. Good luck and let us know what you deciede to get.


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      Welcome Mike. In that price range I think the Dremel is probably your best bet too.There is a crapsman saw too I think in that price range that many people like as well. You will be so busy scrolling, you will be skipping work to scroll. Be sure you look for easy control access,easy blade changes, and get a saw that will use pinless blades. Good luck, and happy shopping. Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        here are the "NEW" Craftsman saws....

        I can only speak for the Craftsman 20 incher, it can be a beast at times...
        it's really not made for small wood projects like what we're tring to do..
        it's not a very smooth running saw and the blade tention adjustment isn't that good for small size blades...
        I'm on my 3rd on/off switch...

        maybe one of the smaller saws would work better.

        I did try out the dremel at Home Depot, the part I didn't like was that the sanding disk spun all the time. I don't know what it runs now but when they first came out it was still over $300..

        you got to start somewhere..

        good luck.
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          There are many good saws for beginners in this price range.
          Instead of telling you what saw I think is best, I will tell you what features to look for.

          A tool less blade clamp is a real bonus, that way you can use pinless or pinned blades.
          A variable speed is a real asset. The single or two speed saws do work but they don't offer the control you may need for a variety of projects.

          I prefer up front on/off controls, and I like the blade tension and speed to be accessed there too.

          All saws vibrate. if they didn't the blade would be stationary. The lower the vibration the more comfortable the saw is and the more control it offers.

          I have used many types of saws over the years, specially the lower priced ones. Each of them have there own merits and drawbacks.
          I like the blade clamp of the Delta ss250, I like the teflon table of the Ryobi/sears models. I like the top controls on the Dremel.

          If you don't have a sander and feel you need one, the Dremel may be the one for you. I do think it is a little higher than $250 but I am not too familiar with US prices.

          Here in Canada you can get a Delta SS250 for $125. That would still leave you $125 for other tools, wood and blades.

          Sears has a couple of models in that price range.
          Ryobi has a 16 inch and an 18 inch, The 18 is a far superior saw.

          There is lots of discussion on blades in the forum. Just do a search and you will get more information than you need.

          I hope I haven't clouded the issue. I know you can do excellent projects with saws under $250. If and when you move up to a bigger saw, you will have a dependable back up or a nice saw to star another newbie on.

          Good luck and happy sawdust making.
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            Mike, check out the Delta SS350LS from for $189.99 including a $50.00 metal stand. Good luck with whichever saw you choose. Mick.
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              A Huge to everyone!!

              I was a little concerned with the Dremel's reputation, but I love all the features the Scroll Station offers. I really thought the light and dust blower would help me see the lines I was trying to cut, and the flex shaft dremel attachment just looks really cool. That being said, I never thought of the sander spinning all the time and that concerns me. Although watching the video on the Home Depot website, it looks like there is a clear plastic dome that covers the sanding disk when not in use. After readong everyone's comments and suggestions I did notice much more about the saw this time. The one thing that really grabbed my attention was that the saw arm was in motion when the video was demonstrating the dremel flex shaft tool. To me that just seems like an accident waiting to happen. "I just need to hit this spot on the sander, no reason to take the blade out for 20 seconds. I'll be just fine......."

              Time to research the Dewalts, Craftsmans, and Ryobi's a little bit more. Ahhh I can't forget to check on the Delta either! I'll be sure to post what the final decision is, and a "Newbies Review" after I cut my first piece of wood!

              Thanks Again for all the help! You Guys and Gals, are simply amazing!!



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                Hi Mike. I just wont to welcome you to the family. glad you are here. and hope you fine what you are looking for,. sorry I can't help in your sellection. for my saw cost $1200.00. but Im not sorry for I just love this art. and I started out with a cheap one. and I wonted more. so I took the jump. If you really wont to do some good work . i think there is some really great saws out there. to get started. you don't have to pay what I did. but like anything else. you will learn. then when your ready. you can move up to a better saw. I bet you will do great with any saw. and learn along the way. BUT don't give up. and youll do great. it just gets better. your new friend Evie


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                  Dremel 1800 Scroll Station

                  Well Ok! I was given the Dremel 1800 Scroll Station as a gift. Once I get everything set up, I'll give you guys and gals, a true Newbie evaluation.

                  Most likely this weekend, I'm going to make a stand for it first...


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                    Good for you,
                    that is a nice gift to receive.

                    Someone likes you

                    Don't forget to post pics of the stand and first pieces

                    DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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