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  • Variety or Favorite Type?

    Do you all do like a variety of woodworking things ,or have you found your (niche) and do only a certain type ?

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    Scrollsawing is my main woodworking thing, other than repairs around the house. Am going to have a go at carving, caricatures {sp} to start with. Have some free patterns from the net to begin with.
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      type of woodwork

      I mainly do scrollsaw plus woodturning. I am working on the art of pen making at the minute. But scrollsawing is my favourite I think.


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        I do a little bit of everything, from turnings, up to cabinetry, but the scrolling is the most fun and quickest way of seeing results. I do like it though doing any woodworking. Even just standing there looking at the tools gets me excited! dale
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          Over the years I have done a little of everthing. I used to build furniture (four-poster carved bedstead, china cabinet, coffee tables, etc), carved totem poles (full size), and did some lathe work. I still carve ducks, song birds, cowboy caricatures, and fish. I find scrollsawing my major endeavor now-a-days, but prefer unusual stuff like segmentation, intarsia, and burlwood castles. I also do a little chain saw carving and large wood sculpture. I get bored easily and have to switch around a lot. I can't stand to do "production line" stuff.
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            I do like the scrolling. In the past I have made furniture for our house. I really like working with wood, even if it just repairing problems with buildings, and the like, something about it releives stress from my job. Bob
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              Hi Charlie. What a great Question. I am so glad you are here , I can tell you will keep this forum going. As for me. I have always loved making things out of nothing. Not having money. I have always made stuff. for birthdays and Xmas. I always loved to just look at wood. it just amaized me. and I also loved old wood projects. Victorian things so to speek. but never could aford them. for years I scabed off construcktion sights. gattering there scrap wood and nails .I stated out making hobbby horses, and babby cradales. out of plywood. When I first seen scroll saw work , I was hooked. but it took me about 10 years to get my first good scroll saw (Hegner) I started buying every pattern and book I could aford. then I had to learn about milling wood, and useing blades and a whole world opened up to me. tools. an such. I have found the best way to learn is just do it. learn from mistakes. I think scrollsawing is a easy craft, (or ART) but it does have its lessons. lol. like I told Marcel. grin. you just have to be fearless. and try what you wont to do.
              I puppy dog anyone who can teach me. if I don't know somthing. I just find someone who does. and bug them to death. lol. scrolling is not my only love. but it is at the top of my list. I would love to learn many other woodworking things. and I have to say. Moon, I wish you was my next door neibor. I always wonted to do a totom pole. and segmentation. intasia, and inlay. the list goes on.I know you didn't mention inlay. lol. but if anyone goes and looks at his album you would know what I mean. that man is talented. any one who knows, and works wood like this man. has a great and warm heat. your freind Evie


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                This summer I will probably cut my 500th full-size jigsaw puzzle (I'm at 486 right now). I have 37 Christmas card puzzles done for this coming season (out of a planned 85) and my inventory of stamp puzzles is probably at about 200.

                I discovered long ago that, in addition to truly enjoying the cutting of freehand puzzles, I was profoundly lazy and hated inside cuts where I had to disconnect the saw blade. SO....I just don't do it and I'm not interested in any project that requires it.

                Besides, cutting puzzles - and helping others to do it - is too much phun...



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                  You Know Moon said it long ago. Its what you wont to cut that matters. we don't all like fret work or intarsia. or anything else. its just what we wont to cut. thats what makes us differant. but still the same in are insperation. its all the same somehow. we just love woodworking. and scrollsawing makes it happen. we all wont the same tools. but the scroll saw is all some of us need. give a sander or two. I think . we all join together. in a comon intrest. we just do it differant. somehow. we cut what we like. and shar it with are friends. It would be so boring if it was all the same. profound dont' you think. we all have scrollsaws and sanders. and look what we all can do with them . go figuer. your freind Evie


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                    Actually Evie Im at where you were at ten years ago looking for lumber wherever I can get and whenever I can get it . Im enjoying it so much that I dont care if I have to do the small easy projects for the next year or so , or whenever til I get good enough to do the rest of it , and im trying out everything so I can see which I like more , to see where I want to go with it .
                    with the help of my uncle and you guys , ive already learned alot in the past few months and learning more every day . I just hope that someday I can be even half as good as you are evie and everyone here . Ill get there soon :-)

                    the more I log in here the more I feel at home with good friends :-)


                    "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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                      even if i gotta make doggies and kitties lmao

                      "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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                        I do all sorts of things and actually very little scrolling, though I enjoy that the a lot. My son and I just finished a bed and head board. This year I also made a frame for a mirror that had been hanging on my parents living room wall since 1952. Now it has a new life in my bedroom, and I think it looks much better now.

                        Next is a sofa table for my wife because the one we have now has grown too small for all of the pictures on top of it.

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                          I have always had a problem with a short attention span, so I need to constantly try new things. Wood working is one of the most satisfying pastimes I have done. Of the woodwork the scrolling/fretwork is most satisfying. I have tried all aspects of it I am currently building a cabinet that will mount into the wall with pull out storage. The inside portion of it will look like a large picture with images or fretwork that will change with the season.
                          The other thing is I love TOOLS.
                          My other major hobby is working on and restoring my 1970 TVR sports car and soon my 1967 Triumph motorcycle.
                          I am working on a pattern for my TVR.
                          Gill since you live in England you will probably be the only one who knows what a TVR is.
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                            My first love is building antique reproductions although I haven't had a lot of time (or orders) for that lately. As Dale said, the neat thing about scrolling is the quick results. I enjoy intricate fretwork the best as that's what got me interested in scrolling in the first place, looking at period details of Victorian furniture and some of the intricate fretwork involved in it. Basically, I enjoy any type of woodworking but I've never done any carving or turning, maybe someday though.

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                              Hi Rolf

                              Bad news about TVR today . The motor industry is really struggling on this side of the pond. Last week it was announced that the Peugeot factory is to shut and it was only a year ago that MG Rover, the mainstay of British car production, closed down. The loss of MG Rover hit my household hard - my other half worked there.

                              Back to the topic - I'll dabble in most forms of woodwork although I do enjoy scrolling in all its forms. I try to avoid the intricate stuff because I don't have much patience, although I do appreciate it.

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