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    Hello everyone! Hope everybody is doing good! I just complete cutting out my second project. I'm starting to learn the diffrent characteristics of the diffrent sized blade and when to use one blade versus another. It's amazing the diffrences in how blade's cut. I have put some pictures here for you all to look at and tell me what you think. I'm kinda mad cause I broke a piece of the left nostril off!!! But hey, what do you do. My wife didnt notice untill I told her! And for some reason she think's every project I make is for her! Yes honey they are all for you!!!
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    Great work!

    The nostril.... I would just call that customizing
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      It's a piece to be proud of. If you hadn't mentioned about the left nostril, I wouldn't have been aware of it. Since you have mentioned it, I think you should forget about it - the project is completely unaffected by the presence or otherwise of the nostril.

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        Looks really nice, looks like you are having fun with your new saw.


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          Ranger. that is good work. I can see why wifie wonts it. but you can do a trade. more TOOLS . like sanders. and plainers. and band saw. etc etc. be carful every one will wont your work. I keep mine a personale thing. I like the back board you put on it too. doing good boy. your freind Evie


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