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    I've never scrolled before but I'm very interested in trying it. based on the few minutes I've spent so far researching it, I seem to be drawn to intarsia. Unfortunately, like most people, I don't have a huge budget to start with. Can anybody recommend a good place to begin learning? Also, anybody have a recommendation on a good saw and blades to start with? My very quick research seemed to show a Ryobi is the cheapest but I don't want to get something that's going to give me more trouble than its worth. Thanks in advance for the opinions.

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    Hey CDL! Welcome to the group. I have not yet tried intarsia, but lots here do and I'm sure you will get lots of advise. As for your saw, I bought my 2nd saw a few months back and it is a Ryobi 16" VS. I love this saw and have done lots of fret work with it. I did however break the tension arm on it, but Ryobi cust. service was great. I called them and they sent me new parts by fed-ex which arrived in 2 days. I would say, stick to your budget and buy what you can afford. I see no point in spending big $ on tools you may or may not like to use in the future.

    Just my 2 cents worth.



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      Welcome CDL. I don't know what saw you would be better off with, but, I would recomend the Flying Dutchman blades from Mikes Workshop. Just email him & he will be glad to help you out. ( Mike's Workshop English featuring: my life story, a cancer survivor, scrollsawing samples and tips, community service, list of favorite sites and Flying Dutchman fretsaw blades for sale. ) I too, would suggest buying the best that you can afford in a saw. You don't want headaches. You'll enjoy scrolling more if you enjoy using the saw. If you need help with anything in paticular, just ask & someone will jump in & help. Good Luck. -- Perk


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        hey there cdl welcome you found the right site for all the help this place is great and everyone here is wonderful and very helpful if you have any questions ask youll get some sugestions and good advise. anyways im a craiglist fan and thats actualy where i found my first saw it was a dremel older model but it works pretty good for only 30 bucks i see scrollsaws on there all the time usually 150 or less you could allways check there first who knows you might get lucky and flying dutchman blades are in my book great


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          CDL, I agree with UBG. My 1st saw was a Benchmade or Benchtop something like that, whatever KMart sells. They were on sale for $60-$70. The blades would break just by looking at them & if you didn't clamp it down it would run away from you. My 2nd saw wasn't much better & I almost quit the hobby until I listened to everyone else & bought the most inexpensive quality saw (DeWalt) & many $$$ later I am having fun.


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            Welcome CDL. I can't help with your saw decision. I have only used one scroll saw & it it not budget friendly. I was lucky enough to recieve it as a gift from my hubby. However, when you go shopping, look for one a scroll saw that uses straight blades. The saw blades that have pins on each end may cause issues if you ever try intrasia. Good Luck and enjoy your new hobby.


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              What is the difference between the pinned and non-pinned blades (other than the obvious)? I guess my complete "newbie"-ness is showing. Do they cut differently or something?


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                Pinned blades have a wide pin through the top and bottom that clips into blade holders on the saw. If you were ever to try to make an inside cut, the hole you would have drill to fit the width of a pinned blade would preclude you from doing any small (fine) work.

                Plain or pinless blades clamp into the blade holders and therefore the entry holes can be drilled as small as the blade.

                Generally you will not find small pinned blades, nor will you find a good selection of quality blades in pin style.

                Hope it helps.
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