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  • The manual

    Now that I have got my scroll saw, I kind of need a manual to go with it.
    I did purchase it new, but it was used as a demo for womens workshops at Home Depot. It was only used a couple times.
    Anyways, after going to Ryobi website and clicking on the "download manual", it says I cannot download due to the server I am on.
    I tried at home and at work, to download the manual, with no luck.
    My scrollsaw is a Ryobi,SC164VS.

    This past weekend, I tried using the scrollsaw and went through 4 blades in an hour. Maybe the tension was too tight? I'm not sure.
    But I am sure that I want to learn how to use this in an efficient and economical way.
    If anyone could help me locate this manual, I would be very grateful.


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    Hi BCand welcme to scrolling---- I don't have a manual for you but you sound like your a pretty smart fella since you already know you have your tension to tight-- loosen it up and set your speed on a slower setting-- you will learn all the little quirks to your saw soon enough and be comfortable with it. I know a ton of guys have the Ryobi and I am sure some will have what you need.


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      Hi BC, I just downloaded the manual, drop me an email and I will send it to you.
      Tension is one of the keys to keeping your blade alive.

      It is one of those things you have to learn. Once you have it you wont ever lose it.
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        B.C. Tension your blade so that you get a nice "ting" when you pluck it like a guitar string, push on the blade from the side or back, it should not move more than 1/8",(while the saw is not running).Too much tension is better than too little.Try not to push the wood sideways into the blade always push the wood straight into the teeth and let the blade do the work, don't force it. Good luck and enjoy your saw. Mick
        Mick, - Delta P-20

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          A good generic 'manual' is the Scroll Saw Bench Guide by Zachary Taylor. It doesn't cover the basics of using a scroll saw but it does explain lots of the principles behind scroll saw operation.

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            Welcome, B.C.-

            A wonderful book to learn scroll sawing is Scroll Saw Workbook by John A. Nelson. It has good exercises and first time projects and explains all. (OK, just about all). Anyway it is a really good book to have, I still refer back to mine.

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              Thanks everyone.
              Carl sent me a copy of the manual. Good thing too. I did not know about oiling the bearings.
              I think I am going to like this site. Lots of help here


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