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  • Foot Pedal switch

    Another question, since I cannot find what I am looking for, on the internet.
    I have a Ryobi SC164VS Scroll Saw.
    Was wondering if there is a foot switch I could buy, that turns the machine on/off.
    Also, is there a foot switch for the variable speed control? That would be great, if there was.


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    There is a yes answer to both those questions.
    I would prefer the on off style, and set the speed on the saw. You would have more consistent results then.

    Both of those are available at House of Tools.
    The variable speed control is used for routers.

    There can be a problem when you hook up a variable speed foot pedal to a variable speed saw. It needs quite an involved explanation.

    I think the best bet would be to stay with an on off type switch.
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      I agree with Carl, just a straight on/off switch is best.

      You can get them at Busy Bee tools as well, if you are near one.
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        Two of mine (on-off switches) at Sears
        Chuck D

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          I like foot on foot off


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            After reading the other thread about the foot switch; I think I might just go and buy one.
            I'm using the scroll saw on a daily basis and it would be beneficial. No need to take your hand off the wood.
            As for the variable speed foot switch; your right Carl, that would not be such a good idea. The variable speed on the saw is good enough.


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