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    I recently wrote a message on the wrong board. I just started doing some scroll sawing. It has been a dream of mine to do this. If any one can give me any tips or places to find free ones to practice with i would love it. I also would like to do some with sports. My kids are all involved in it and they would love to put some in their rooms.

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    Welcome aboard Misty. You can/will learn a lot about every aspect of scrolling by just hanging around these friendly folks. First thing you might do (if you haven't done so already) is check out the FAQ area shown above. It gives discussion to the most common questions and the discussions that have been had on this forum. It is worth looking at. As far as patterns for sports (or anything else) you might click on the "Other Great Sites" section shown on the left of this page. I also suggest and since those sites aren't commercial and nobody gains/profits from either of them. Once again, glad you have joined us.
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      Just sent you an e-mail for a web site where you can find any pattern or the group will find it for you. Welcome to this forum you will get many helpfull tips from all the people here.

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        Welcome Misty. Soon you will wonder how you ever survived without a scrollsaw! Theres plenty of good tips everywhere on this forum. another good resource is and the resources mentioned on the left of this screen will keep you reading for a little while. But, dont be afraid to ask any questions you have, you will always get an answer here. Dale
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          I mentioned on one of the above MSN groups that I was looking for a picture of an Angus cow and had not been able to find one. Within 20 minutes of my posting that, a gentleman ran out the back of his house, took a picture of one of his cows, drew it, and posted it for me. I was flabbergasted. That's just the way scrollsawyers are, it seems


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            Welcome.....As you begin, please don't confine yourself to just designs for which there are patterns. Try stuff freehand on your own. Try to cut animals and other shapes with which you are familiar. That way you'll build your creativity and be able to work yourself through situations that patterns don't cover.

            Good luck....and have phun....



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