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  • corian

    I'd like to find a source for corian

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    DuPont, Maker of CorianĀ® , does not like to sell to consumers due to the nasty nature of the glue / adhesive / sealer used by installers when joining pieces of counter top. Also the installers need some training to make the joints waterproof. Adhesive maker does not want average DYI'er near their product.

    The Generic name for similar products is Nairoc (corian spelled backwards.)

    some links:
    (Art Specialties International. They have some free info for you, look around their web pages)
    ( look around at different pages, some good sanding supplies)

    The following is a link the MSDS for DuPont's CorianĀ® products. MSDS is only valid for DuPont product. Look on page 4 for dust mask.

    BTW: on the Scroller Galleries, the horse puzzle I did, I just went to a kitchen remodeler in my area, and boldly (but with hat-in-hand) asked if I could please have a kitchen sink cut-out waste piece. I was totally surprised that I got a piece free. Think about it, at $22.00 per sq foot, a 15 X 23 inch cutout, and I got it free.

    Ebay sometimes has stove top cutouts on sale, but the shipping charges will really hurt. Corian is heavy.

    gosh, I hope I answered your question.



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      Thanks very much. The sink cut out is a excellent idea as i know a cabinet maker that may be able to get me a pieces.


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