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    I'm newally retired and joined the LIWoodWorkers club. I want to purchase a beginners scroll saw, and have come to the Delta SS250, Craftsman 21609/21610, Tradesman 8366SL & Dremel 1680. I'm now stuck between the Delta & the Craftsman. I really need some guidance where, can you help me out?

    Thanks in advance

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    I have a Craftsman and I love it--but I guess it just depends on what you want in a saw..
    I have no complaints with my saw at all- I'd even go so far as say my $149. is as good as those costing hundreds.But when you get your saw spend the extra $18 and get the replacement warranty- that way if you have any trouble in the next 3 yrs it is replaced with a brand new one and not just repaired. and if you start sawing believe me you will put it to good heavy use.



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      I agree with Sharon on this one. I think the Craftsman 16" VS is the best lower priced scrollsaw available. I own one of these as well as the Dremel 1680 and a Excalibur EX-30 so I do have a little to compare it to.

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        Welcome tm29, both those saws will serve you well.

        Before you make a decision on which one to buy, try changing a blade in each one.
        The blade clamping system in the Delta, while not tool less is very quick.
        The Craftsman, features up front controls which really are an asset.
        Both saws , when set up properly have minimum vibration, The service on both saws is comparable.

        I have used a Delta for 9 years with very few problems. I have used a friends Craftsman, and the only issue I had was the lower blade change.

        Like I said in the beginning, try to change a blade in each machine before you buy.
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          Carl the new Craftsman saws are tooless top and bottom now


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            Follow the leads already given.Blade changeing to me is the most important deciding factor,(and it MUST accept pinless blades) to purchasing one over the other. Vibration being the second most important (to me anyways), then easy access controls, variable speeds, dust blower,ect ect all fall in the mix as well. Trying the saws would be nice, if thats available, but I doubt that, unless the salesman could pull a few strings, but thats unlikely, most salesman dont even know how to turn one on, and not many have the drive to go the extra mile to make a happy customer. dale
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