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What is stacking? Backer boards? etc.

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  • What is stacking? Backer boards? etc.

    Hi, I'm really new to this and trying to find what all the terms are. I can't even figure out how to cut a pattern without it all ending up a bunch of tiny bits. Where can I get some of this info at? Believe me WWW search engines are NOT forthcoming with info when you type in words like "Stack cutting" or "Backer Board"

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    Welcome to THE BEST FORUM on the net --anywhere in my book--
    I Know you will have lots of answers to anything you ask--all ya gotta do is ask
    Stack cutting is cutting 2 or more boards on top of each other ..held together by tape or brads on corners in waste area
    Backerboard is the board behind the finished projest--made of solid wood or as I like to use when it will be painted instead of stained Euroboard ( I was calling this Brown Backer Board but on my last purchase of it I looked on the tag for the proper name--hence Eurooard
    Some call things the same for several different things so just give a shout if you get confused.
    and a good tip is read all the post several times a day-you'll be amazed at how much you learn reading others that don't apply to you--but someday the post will save you from a lot of frustration down the line.
    Happy Scrolling


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      Hi Keith.

      First--welcome aboard. You'll get a lot of information here!

      Now a few definitions:
      Backer board (backing board, glue board, back support board, etc.): A piece of wood that goes behind the project to either add additional support, to highlight the cuts (when painted a dark color), or to give you a piece of wood to glue cut segments or intarsia pieces to. It is also the piece that holds your project into a frame if you frame your work.

      Look at the back of a framed picture--you will usually see a piece of cardboard, cardstock, etc. on the back. That is the simplist form of a backing board.

      Stack Cutting: Joining several thin pieces of wood together that you plan to cut in the same way. Jediscroller is one of the local experts on this--it allows you to make the same number of cuts that it would take to cut one project, but gives you multiple projects.

      Here's an example: Ozarkscroller's portrait (shown at this link:

      He cut the portrait out of 1/4"-thick plywood. To maximize his time, he attached several pieces of wood together and then cut out the pattern--giving him several identical projects.

      Jediscroller (Kevin) sells his work, so to maximuze his time, he cuts several portraits at once. There are many methods of stack cutting--and everyone has their favorites.

      (By the way, the black wood that you see through Ozarkscrollers' portrait is the backing board)

      I'd suggest that you pick up a copy of John Nelson's Scroll Saw Workbook--it really is a great resource for a beginning scroller. It's available in a variety of places.

      Again, welcome. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know!

      Bob Duncan
      Associate Editor
      Scroll Saw Workshop


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        I think most use the term backer board as a piece of throw-away quality wood used to add support when cutting a fragile project, or to help minimumize the fuzzies (The wood fibers on the underside of your project)produced from the blade on the bottom of your workpiece.
        Your pattern should stay on your wood until YOU want it off, if its coming off in shreads while you cut, somthings not right. Try applying a layer of clear packing tape on your wood, then apply your pattern using a spray adhesive in an aerosol can 3M super 77 my preferance, follow lable instructions). cut your project. It sould do the trick for ya.
        Dont be shy, ask away. We learn just as much as you learn. Its possible that your trick is our trouble. We are all in this together, so welcome! Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          thank you all for the excellent information. I have been looking for books and info on the net, but this forum has helped me more than all my searching combined


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