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    Has anyone ordered from Cherry Tree? I ordered items in November and I got them this past Friday. Plus the order was messed up, I did not recieve two plans

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    Have you contacted them and still not been satisfied? They are pretty good at making things right for their customers. Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      cherry tree moved

      I don't know if you guys are aware of it, but Cherry Tree moved a few months ago from a small town in eastern Ohio to someplace in Iowa or Wisconsin (Can't remember which right at the moment). I'm kind of bummed out about it, because I was able to drive there every once in a while to get an order right at the warehouse outlet store It may be that the reason for the order getting screwed up was because of this move.



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        Cherry Tree moved

        Cherry Tree moved to Janesville, WI. They are associated with Wildwood Designs, which also moved, or is moving, to Janesville.

        Cherry Tree site explains that due to the move they are experiencing delays in orders.

        Just a short drive for me now. So a road trip is planned.

        Paul S in WI

        Paul S.


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          Here is their toll free number 800 848-4363

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            I have tried, and the voice mailbox is currently full, so you cannot even leave a message. I have emailed them twice with no response. I am honestly not one to complain, but boy I am going to have a hard time convincing myself to buy from them again. I am not sure what to do.

            They seem to have lot of great stuff there, I was hoping to use them again


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              Have you tried calling Wildwooddesigns seeing as the are amalgamated. ? 1-800-470-9090. I have bought thousands of $$ worth of stuff from Wildwood and have nearly always had great service and best prices from them. Only one or two small mixups with them and they always corrected their little mistakes. I am experiencing some back orders on some items at present and I can only guess that they might be letting their stock get down somewhat for moving.
              Give them a call and see if they can help you out or at least alert Cherrytree of your dissatisfaction. (if they don't share the same office ).
              Wildwood ships everything to my US post box by priority post and I usually have it in my hand about 3 days after it leaves their warehouse.

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                All I can say, please read Paul S post.

                That explains it all. Give them a change to make the move and I can tell you that there is a lot to move.

                Mike M
                SD Mike


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                  yup, they are in Janesville WI now, and wildwood is in the process! Now, only an hour drive to Wildwood for me!!!
                  Dale w/ yella saws


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