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  • Choosing the right balde

    I was wondering if someone could recommend some blades to cut metal for my Dewalt.

    Thank you

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    Metal cutting


    Ah metal cutting.... cool.

    Olson has a blade specifically for metal and it works rather well in my humble opinion. Remember to use a cardboard backing when cutting metal,- don't want any damage to happen to that dewalt table and it helps reduce the noise.


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      I have used FDM blades to cut aluminum ,pvc,wood,acrylic with just a #7 or #9 two way--two way becaause thats all I have besides spiral-- but I know there are blades made espically for cutting heavier metals --I have even cut diamond design aluminum with them and had no can ask Mike ( 3M) and he will know what you need--just send him a e-mail tho cause he doesn't answer the private messages here . but I think it is a metal blade from just about any company--just go with what brand you like


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