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What is an easy-lift?

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  • What is an easy-lift?

    Sorry, I'm ignorant. What is an easy-lift, and why do I need one? Where do I find one?

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    It's a spring loaded upper arm holder-upper for a DeWalt 788 scrollsaw.
    Check out for the info.
    Wildwood designs sells them too!
    I use one and it works great!

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      yup, thats where youll find it. It comes in handy for blade changing, and makes feeding the blade through the hole on the Dewalt much easier. At least for me anyways, as wel as many many others. dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        EZ lift

        I also bought an easy lift form Jim Dandy and really like it. It's a lot better than putting a block of wood under the arm while changing blades or top feeding. I would recommend getting for yourself (saw).

        Oh, yea when you call you get a real person (don't know if it is Mr. Jim or Mr. Dandy) to talk to. So you won't have to jump through the button hoops and forget what you called for in the first place.


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          Easy lift

          I was using a block to hold my saw up and it was very bothersome so I bought the easy lift and it is so handy. I would recommend it to every one with a DeWalt 788.


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            you guys should get a Craftsman and you won't have all those problems changing blades --- no argueing needed just a bit of teasing -- omit it if you need to BobD.


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              On my last 788 saw (3 of 3 since Nov) the pivot screw was a little tight and held up the arm until I moved it down which precluded the need for an EZ Lift. On #1 saw I purchased and used the EZ lift and it made life much easier than the block of wood I had been using up to that time. Last night I loosened up the arm pivot screw a smidge and put on the EZ Lift. Your choise, six of one - half dozen of the other... PS: Loosening up the pivot screw a bit so the arm moves smoothly to the bottom of its stop still didn't help close the distance between the blade clamps.


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