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Lessons from Bloody Cows

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  • Lessons from Bloody Cows

    Well, I'm learning the hard way...

    I was making one of those cute little Farm Puzzles Carl contributed to the new edition of SSW. Got all finished up, let my stack of little cows fall into my hand, then noticed to my frustration that I'd forgotten to cut the space between the front and back legs, so they had no tummies! What to do...

    I'd made the zero-tolerance insert Carl side-barred in the article, and it's working great. Had a nice fresh 0/2 skip tooth in the clamps, and really wanted to give this puzzle to someone special tomorrow. So, thought I, I will patiently cut the tummies out for each and every little cow.

    It didn't work... the wee little legs were breaking off, and I was working ever so slowly, but on the fourth poor little cow, the back legs flew off, the piece jumped up (now that I've taken off my hold-down!), and my right index pushing digit went right into the blade. Now there is blood on a few cows and a royal 3/4" long, deep-enough slice in my finger.

    Now I've learned that scroll saws can cut fingers, and that I must not work with such tiny, thin pieces, and that it is very helpful to carefully follow the instructions and look at the pictures real well, comparing my work with the pictures before the cows are released into my hand.

    Somehow I feel both stupid and slightly further initiated...

    Ann and her poor bloody cows

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    Ann I am sorry to hear about your fingers.
    It is hard to do fine work with a sore cut finger.

    When I first designed the puzzle I went through tons of trial and errors. Lots of cows on the floor of the shop with one or more legs missing.

    I tried cutting the profile of the cows first and slicing them off like a loaf of bread, but I lost too many.

    I found the technique in the magazine was the safest.
    Fingers are close to the blade and extra caution has to be implemented.
    Again I am so sorry you cut yourself.
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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      Ann don't feel silly we have ALL bleed for our work -lol-- you just became a proud member of the wood workers family for sure- wear that sore finger with pride my friend-- and when is the barbecue??


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        As one who has also been initiated into the scroll saw bloodletting, let's just be happy that it didn't happen with a more dangerous saw. No more small stuff for me for awhile either.



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          Sharon -- Barbeque? Great ideas? Cows for burgers? Or fingers for hot dogs?

          Carl -- I hope you don't think for one second that I referred to you and the Farm Puzzle to in any way make you feel badly or reflect on your puzzle! You sounded SO sorry I'd cut my finger that I feared I made you feel badly -- banish the thought forever! I love that little puzzle so much that it's worth every drop of blood to get those little cows right! It's the cutest thing I've ever seen (I guess because I don't yet have grandchildren.) It was also somewhat reassuring to know that the cows took you awhile to get just right; they're definitely tricky but so cute.

          I also saw your Jonah in a Whale puzzle in the galleries and love that one. Wondering if a pattern is available for it anywhere?

          I won't get to the saw again till Thursday, so my finger should be better by then!

          Meanwhile may the Blood Brother/Sisterhood all have a nice week!



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            bloody cows or mad cows?

            I, too, want to do the, which is now know as the bloody puzzle, (sorry 'bout that, Carl ). Ann are you originally from England? Because you bleeding well write like it, luv. Sorry about our finger, I shall be quite careful when cutting my cows.

            Last edited by wwalker47; 01-23-2006, 08:33 AM.

            My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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              Glad you don't have to put one of those 'missing' pictures on the side the carton you made. You know, a picture of a finger....

              Happy to know your okay.


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                The Jonah puzzle will be in an upcoming issue too!



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                  Yes, Bill, I think Ann has a lovely writing style too .

                  Sorry to hear about your injury, Ann. To avoid getting my digits too close to the blade I've taken an old broken scrollsaw blade and embedded it into a piece of scrap wood. It looks like a very small wand . Whenever I'm cutting a fine piece, I hold it with the tip of this wand. As a result, I've never suffered an injury whilst scrolling.

                  There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
                  (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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                    I use a popsicle stick (minus the popsicle) when I have to get very close to the blade. It also works well to hold the pattern down if it gets loose.



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                      I didn't know Bob was a mind reader--WOW


                      Thanks for the answer I was going to ask. I wanted to know if the Jonah puzzle will be in a future issue. I saw it on the galleries page and thought that would be fun to saw,as well.


                      My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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                        Don't throw away the cows with only two legs.

                        Just tell everyone that is "lean" beef.

                        The cows with no legs are "Ground" beef.

                        As for the blood on the wood, I sometimes think of it as giving part of myself with the project.

                        Ann, I don't think you are blaming me. I just am truly sorry that you cut yourself. I have been there and done that many times.
                        CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
                        "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
                        Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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                          Accidents - Hobbies


                          sorry to hear you were hurt, on the project, hope it dont take long before your back in the saddle,

                          hey! who says cows all gotta have leggs anyway seldom seen is all the cows standing in a field.
                          Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster


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                            Ann, Im soprry to hear your saw bit ya. Not too serious I hope, and like mentioned, Thank God it wasnt a tablesaw injury! At least you did it at home, and not where hundreds of people can witness it. I been there, Im sure BobD remembers my swan I cut (and stained) in Branson!
                            Dale w/ yella saws


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                              Oops! Revenge of the cows

                              Boy, I sure hope Ralph Nader doesn't see what happened to Ann!She'd probably have to appear before a Senate Sub-committee .(Tsk, Tsk). And then they would take away our saws and that would be the end of life as we know it. What's that sound?...I think it's the cows saying 'eat more chickin'

                              Seriously-glad it wasn't any more serious.
                              "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."---Thomas Paine


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