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    Greetings, Hope that you took time off to watch the play offs....Don't want any cut fingers.... I am new to this site. I hope that I can gain some ideas on how to properly adjust the tension on the saw and how to choose the proper blades for the wood.
    Thanks, SeeSaw.

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    You say you are new to the site but you do not say if you are asking how to tension a Hawk 226 saw or choosing the right blades. Not sure if you are asking or just introducing yourself to the site. If it is the latter then welcome aboard. Check some past posts and take a look around. Look at the galleries and other great sites here. If you have questions feel free and they will be answered.
    John T.


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      I also have a Hawk 226. The instructructions printed on the saw give you initial settings for blade tension. I would start with the recommended setting and go from there. To me, blade tension is somewhat of a variable. It depends on what you are cutting as far as pattern and wood. If you are getting good straight cuts and not breaking blades, you are doing it right.
      As far as blades, I, like most on this forum, use Mike's. A number 5 reverse tooth is the most used for me. Once again, do not hesitate to experiment. I purchased the sampler pack from Mike first and then selected what I liked best and ordered them in quantity.
      Enjoy your scrolling. I have found it to be a very enjoyable hobby. I tell everyone it is my "golfing without the exercise" as I can forget my everyday troubles by sitting down in front of my scroll saw and working on a project.


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