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  • Jet Jss-16

    Does anybody here have a JET JSS-16 scroll saw? I bought one from ( I used it for about 5 hours(not continously!) the the blade clamp broke.
    It uses a little hex bolt to tighten a piece of steel the has a slot cut down the middle where the blade slides in.

    I was tightening this when I heard a "clunk", the little bolt jest fell out . It seems that the threads on the bolt heve worn (sheared?) off. The hole for the bolt is drilled at an angle, and way too close to the edge of the blade clamp - you can see at one edge of the clamp the metal has been pushed out in the shape of the thread. That's definately not right.

    Any way I'm writing to ask if any body else has had this problem? Or is it just a one off thing. I'm going to contact axminster tommorrow to see what they say about it ?

    Other than that I really like this saw everything elses on it is perfect. It seems to have a fair bit of power for a 90W motor too. I don't know if I should get this replaced or get a different brand of saw? I don't want to get a replacement only to have the same problem again.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Hi Chris

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I've never used the Jet Jss-16 myself but Axminster are usually very good when it comes to processing faulty goods, especially if you phone them rather than using email.

    You seem to be quite happy with your saw apart from this one aspect, so my advice would be to ask Axminster to send you the appropriate replacement part(s) and see how you get on. If you have further problems, I wouldn't blame you for looking at an alternative. Which alternative might you consider?

    Anyway, let us know how you get on.

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      I was considering delta 40540(i think thats the right number, its the SS250 in the US). But I keep hearing things here about the pivot arms breaking on that saw...... so I'm not sure!.


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        Any tool can have a failure. I am not familiar with the Jet, but I am sure this is not a common problem.
        As for the Delta, I have been very happy with both the Deltas I have owned.

        You do need to follow the maintenance instructions for any saw, cleaning and lubricating at the recommended intervals.

        There are alternatives to the blade clamping systems. Aftermarket clamps can eliminate a lot of problems.
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          Fixed.... Nearly.

          Heh, I phoned axminster, they said they'll send me a replacement blade clamp. Yes axminster have very good customer sevice! I can still use my saw but only with pinned blades, fortunately.


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