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  • Blades

    I have been scrolling with a used old Craftsman scroll saw that uses pinned end blades and no variable speed. My results have been satisfactory for a hobby so far but finding the pinned end blades has been difficult.
    I bought the plain end blade adapter at Sears but have not had much success keeping the blades attached or they break quickly.
    I hope to step up to a DeWalt in the future but for now need to find a good and reasonable source of pinned end blades.
    Any recommendations from you folks.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Joe go to, they have the pinned blades. Stock #44135. 8 different sizes. Mick


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      I thought Mike had pin end blades still, but cant find them, but here is sloans woodshop. Click on scrollsaw blades, then scoot down till you find pinned end blades. dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


      • #4 the saw you're using a "C" arm saw? I'm not sure about this so you might want to check it out but I think the upper blade chuck has to have a little vertical play in it to compensate for the movement of the "C" arm. If, when you installed the adapter, you got the chuck too tight it might cause the blades to break. Some of the more knowledgeable folks here know a lot more about various saws than I do but I think that adapter should work "as advertised".
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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          Dont't dispair on the adapter it will work - actually i wish I could put one on my craftsman instead of the screw thing it has- I do have one ona old central saw tho and I love it..but get the tension on the hex nut tigther and it will stay in and loosen the tension on the blade and it will break less.. be sure not to bend flat the blade to much that causes breakage too sometimes i will bend a spiral blade in half without realizing it --but you do need to get variable speed when you can- a cheap craftsman will do you well - it serves me fine..


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            ohhh before I forget-- get your blades from mike at flying dutchman ( he is 3 M ) or from sloans-- they are hALF THE PRICE OF SEARS AND A LOT BETTER.


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              If you are looking for top notch quality in pinned blades here is where you can get them. Scroll down to the second page in the PDF

              The prices are higher from that source as well as the S/H is much higher but . . ..
              You can get the same pegas blades from Ben with lower prices and only 0.75 cents S/H at the following address but I am not sure if he stocks the pin end blades because they are starting to become somewhat of a dinasaur item. But you could inquire and see if he has them or can get them for you.

              Good luck.

              The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us

              Delta P-20 Scroll Saw, 14" x 43" Craftex Wood Lathe and Jet 10" Mini Lathe .


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                Thanks all!

                Wow what a great reply and sooooo quickly!!!!!
                Thanks all!!!!!!


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