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New Name .. Same Blonde !!!!!

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  • New Name .. Same Blonde !!!!!

    OK ~
    Since I have single handedly stumped Customer Service, I have got another name on here to post with and hopefully learn how to scroll with all of your help. I forgot my passowrd. I know I know ... that's common with Blondes...... but I thought ....... ok I'll just send customer service a message and they can help me ! Well , no such luck ! They send me a link to go to and reset the password, which I had to type into the browser because I couldn't access the link ! Well I got the password but when I entered it ... it said it was invalid ! Auughhhhhhhhhhhh ! NOW I know how Charlie Brown feels........ what lil hair he has .... I'd be willing to bet it's BLONDE ! ohhhhh.... Sears has a belt sander, the belt is belt is 4" x 36" and the disc on the side is 6" . Anyone have any input on this sander... ever used one or do you think it will be good for sanding scroll projects?
    Thanks ~
    Tony .

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    Craftsman sander

    Yep....I've got one. It's the only one I've ever used so I have nothing to compare it to. About all I can tell you is it has been reliable, works as advertised, and gets the job done.
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      Hi Tony

      Nice to have you with us again, but I'm confused. Where I come from, 'Tony' is a guy's name; whereas women are 'blonde' and men are 'blond'.

      Care to enlighten me?

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        Tony, don't know what kind of scroll projects you do but that would be a pretty hefty sander for scroll projects. I have a 4 X 36 belt sander with a 6" disc on the side but have never used it on a scrolled cuttings. I cut portraits, scenery pictures and fretwork clocks. I sand the wood with a random orbit sander before I apply the pattern then do very little sanding after it is cut. I sand very lightly between coats of finish by hand. I have made several butterflies and have used the 6" disc sander to bevel the wings to 30°. So I guess I have used it for scrolled projects. Just my 2¢ worth. Mick
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          I've been using that 4"X36" sander for over 15 years. I did have a drive belt go out last year, but that's been the only problem.

          There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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            I assume the sander you have is thisThis is a good sander for shaping edges and contours. For sanding flat scroll work you want a sander that is not too aggressive but will help sand swirl marks out and get down to a finsh grit. I use the Porta Cable bloc sander pictured here and is my work horse. It is a 1/4 sheet finishing sander. Great for scroll work or any woodworking. Some people use a Black and Decker mouse sander which you can get alot of attachments for for contour sanding and more detail sanding. Home Centers carry these. They are a light weight sander but useful. So you see there are options and mostly you will be needing another sander other than the belt/disc sander.
            John T.


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              I have both and use the Black and Decker Mouse for the most part.


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