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New to woodoworking, and obsessed by SS possiblities!

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  • New to woodoworking, and obsessed by SS possiblities!

    I am really new to woodworking, so new, I just bought a ton of stuff to get started just last weekend. It started out with a no name Drill Press from Big Lots, then a Delta 8 1/4 Miter Saw, then a Pro-Tech Table saw, then...drumroll please... the Harbor Frieght 16 " Scroll Saw.

    So I started to get some books, and it started out innocently enough with wanting to build simple things like birdhouses, birdfeeders etc. When all of a sudden I opened a book for scroll saw projects.. OH NELLY! I am just overwhelmed with how much you can do with one!

    So I come to you for advice... What tips can you give me as I try out this new toy of mine!

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of scrolling!
    The best advice is start slow and watch your hobby grow.
    There are some great books out there to get you started.
    Just follow the link
    There are so many styles of scrolling you may want to read some of the books and find out what you would like to do.
    Don't ever get down on yourself, we all started in the same place.
    If you have specific questions, ask away, there is so much knowledge on this forum I am sure someone will answer.

    Happy scrolling
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      Fixed a misspelling for ya Carl!

      Welcome aboard. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know!!!

      Bob Duncan
      Scroll Saw Workshop


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        Sounds like you got a lot of new toys. You are gonna have lots of fun.
        Please remember to "play" safely - a good start is those instruction manuals that come with your tools. (Although some of them are translated from Chinese, and not too clear)
        If I may suggest one book in particular, it is John Nelson's Scrollsaw Workbook (2nd edition, I think). It is a really fine introduction to many of the really neat things that can be done with your new scroll saw. Just work through the projects in order (or at least the first 6 or 7), and it is almost like taking a class, with a teacher right there.
        You will probably want to get the scrolling magazines, too. A subscription is best, so you don't miss any issues. There is Scroll Saw Workshop (the sponsors of this board), and Creative Woodworks and Crafts - both good mags, but they don't come often enough.
        One thing you might look into - if I remember right, the HF saw takes only pin-end blades - you will have more blade choices, and be able to do some finer (not better - just more detailed) work with pinless (or plain end) blades. I think you can get some sort of adaptor for the blade holder - somebody else here can probably tell you if that is true, and where to look.
        A common choice among the group here is Flying Dutchman blades - you can get them from Mike M - he posts here as 3M. I think he only has the plain end blades.
        Come back often to let us know how you are doing, and ask yer questions - we love to help beginners!


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          Ohhh you are going to have so much fun !!! You won't believe how many things you can do now -- just rember [COLOR="Red"]THIS IS ADDICTING AS WLL AS FUN. So enjoy it all . one of my most used "tools" in my shop is a lazer printer that reduces and enlarges.. I took a 1800 doll cradel done in minute fretwork and blew it up to 24 inches for my grandaughter for Christmas-- a lot of work because of all the detailed spindels and flowers and such but well worth it -- and the best thing I have to say is I MADE IT MYSELF -- for many years to come it will always be around with the mories of nana in her shop sanding and sawing it all by hand... I didn't learn about the dremel router until I had it finished
          But always enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to tackle any project.. just takes a little patience and a lot of pride when your project is finished.. and as you get more sawing under your belt the better you will be..


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            I just started as well but I will throw one thing at you wear safety glasses man sawdust in the eyes will keep you up at night trust me I know from experience. Also get the Flying Dutchman Blades from Mike man what a difference in those blades. I have made something every night since Monday and I cant wait until tomorrow to make something else or remake one of the things I have already made. I can see the difference between Monday and today in the work that I have done. I really love cutting its a blast I lose track of time when I'm cutting and go to work tired allot. Its awesome to see something come to life. Good luck, have fun and just keep cutting.
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              I agree the FD blades are the best around. If you need pinned blades a good place to look is Sloans they have several sizes. A couple of things that you will also need in your shop - blue painters tape and clear packing tape these are almost always a must have. Just remember to have fun with everything you make. People only see the mistakes if you tell them where they are.

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                Welcome to scrollsawing.

                A different kind of suggestion:

                As you begin to learn what you can do, don't rely exclusively on patterns. Do some things on your own: try to make freehand cutouts of trees, giraffes, turtles, bells, keys, lawn rakes, any familiar object. Do them simply by picturing images in your mind and trying to reproduce them, thereby getting used to the hand-eye coordinations and the turns necessary to cut intricate designs dictated by patterns.....and also gaining the flexbility to follow your imagination when you wish.

                and above all, have phun....



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                  Great suggestion! That is my today project.


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