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Ahhhh..... The Blonde and the Dremel !

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  • Ahhhh..... The Blonde and the Dremel !

    Hi All ~
    Well ...... from some of the posts I have read . I made a mistake... but ..... later on I'll buy a different saw . I bought a Dremel 1680. I looked at the Delta and don't have a clue as to what to look for or the pro's and cons of either one. I chose the Dremel because I thought the name of the saw would be better than the Delta , as Delta makes everything from table saws to band saws and a lot in between. I've never used this type of saw before but am anxious to see what different projects I can accomplish with it . I see it has pin blades also . aughhhhhhhhh ! Another thing that was mentioned in a post I read about using pinless blades as they are smaller and will fit into smaller drilled holes. I hope I have better luck than some of the others that have used it. I haven't cut the first piece of wood with the saw, but the box is at the land fill by now and I don't think I could exchance it wrapped in a Wal Mart bag for return ! I hope to learn a lot from here.... already learned agout the Dremel I bought....... although it was a little late.
    A big Hello to you all from Texas !
    Tony .

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    Hello Tony,

    I'm new to scrolling and purchased my Dremel 1680 before I even found this site. And while the Dewalt is the favorite here, I think the Dremel will supply you with many happy hours of scrolling untill you decide to go with you other choice for a saw.

    The only changes or additions I made to my saw are as follows, I added a foot switch, raised the rear of my saw about 4" and removed the hold down and guard. And while the saw can accomidate both pin and pinless blades I prefer to use the pinless.

    Welcome to the forum.



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      Welcome aboard Tony! You should be able to get a lot done with that Dremel once you get used to the quarks every saw has. Some Dremels, not sure about the one you've got, are set up to take both pinned and pin-less blades. But you are right, it is worth it to get the adapter if you plan on doing inside cuts.

      That being said, I've heard that several big blade manufactures still sell a lot of pinned blades; something like 35% of their sales are pinned blades. With plnned blades, you should still be able to do some basic projects. Looking at the latest issue of SSW, you can cut the cover project, the Victiorian Birdfeeder and the Spring Bunnies, you can cut the Hole-in-one trophy, and the beginner version of the Cup and Loaf Intarsia.

      Bob Duncan
      Scroll Saw Workshop


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        I am pretty sure the 1680 takes both kinds of blades. Tool less clamps
        The table looks like it tilts both ways too, also a plus!
        I understand there is also a detent at 15 degrees, that could be handy for beveled plaques.
        I think you have a very serviceable saw. Many of the points posted on here outline pitfalls rather than solutions.
        If you come across any pitfalls, drop us a line and we can answer..
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          WElcome, and congratulations on getting a new toy. Dont let the name of it make a bad impression. As many already said, It should take pin and pinless blades, so things are looking up already.And, consider yourself fortunate to even have a scrollsaw, there are people that would love to have one, any brand, but cant for various reasons. So, your really not THAT bad off are you?You can cut great things with any saw, 90 % of it is operator and technique, and youve already shown your interested, and learning heaps.You dont need a $500+ saw to get addicted to scrolling. Maybe down the road you will decide you need another saw, but until then make the best of what you got!By now you probably found out that the blades shipped with the saw are pretty much worthless,and you more then likely learned who to contact for blades, so, your set to make dust!!!!
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            Howdt Tony-- I am near Texarkana and my son s name is Tony-- where do you call home ?-- any way Bob is right you can do a lot with pined blades so don't dispare- I made my mother the victorian bird feeder for Christmas and left it natural ---I used 1/2 baltic birch and it came out beautiful -- she said it is to pretty to put outside so she put a plant in it and has it inside-- but when I first started i used pinned blades and the fine detail I did with a woodburning pen - note the deer in the gallery i did it is done on a pinned blade and the high lights are burned- so dont be discouraged you can always get a pinless adapter at sears for $26. and make it a pinless saw -- but wal mart will take it back as long as you have a sales reciept...


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              Welcome tony,

              I too have the Dremel 1680 scroll saw,

              i bought the same saw over a year ago, my saw has a replaceable disk where the blade goes through the table is only difference from pic.
              I have had no trouble with my dremel 1680. just schheduled operators maintence of oiling bearings mentioned in the manual.

              becuse of the iron table i rubbed (canning) parifine wax on it to keep the surface from discoloring, rusting Don't use silicone carwax it messes up future project finishes.....

              i am pleased with my saw, and for under $200.00 us.. it has been a good one to learn on, as you get experiance you learn about terms and other options that are available on more expencive saws and wonder if you need a better one. im there but im hoping i get many years of service from this current saw

              the saw dose take plain end and pinned blades.. read your manual for thumb screw location, you might have to tweak the slot insert to get plain end blades to fit. i did.

              If i can suggest i got a hold of mike at and got the scrollsaw book and flying dutchman assortment pack 5 dozen blades and fell in love with ther polor blades, as i do a lot of thicker wood. making rough outs for carving. mikes blade section also gives you an idea which blade is used for which type material your cutting. its good place to start. and mikes a nice guy
              the book is packed full of excercises and tips.

              now i did buy some vermont american and olson blades with the saw but tossed them away when i got use to the flying dutchman blades..

              if you have problems with the saw email me if i can help i will
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                I have a Dremel 1680 that takes pin or pinless and have many hours of quality results from it. Happy scrolling to you.


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                  If ever you like to build a Zero Tolerance Tabletop...

                  Hi Tony,

                  I own a very similar saw by Craftman, It is so similar that I would not be surprised that it is the same company that build it that subcontract for Dremel and for Craftman). I own it for 2 years and never had a problem with it.

                  If ever you like to build a Zero Tolerance Tabletop...Follow this link from the SSWS forum while it is still live. I submitted a plan and you can read the comments of many persons to whom I emailed-it. e-mail me if you would like a copy. You may not be ready yet, but ou could keep it for later use...

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