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  • DeWalt Variable Speed Controller

    Hi all,
    I'm new here, been scrolling for approx 6mths in Aussie. Just purchased a referb'd DeWalt that has been giving me some surprises! The variable speed is unstable. It seems to work ok up to speed 2 then it has a hissyfit at higher speeds. When you put it on 8 it revs beyond that sometimes. It's been back to the workshop for this problem when they installed a new printed circuit board and potentiomoter (well, I really have no idea how to spell that! ) This did not fix the problem

    Any ideas? any one else had a similar problem with the DeWalt?

    Mike in QLD

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    Let me say the speed controls on that saw being up top are prone to dust build up. You need to blow the dust out of it on occasion. As far as yours goes this is something that needs to be addressed with the dealer or service people because especially if it is still under warrenty you do not want to void that. I am going to go out on a limb here because I do not know where you got it from and where you live in Australia I think I read. But what is the voltage and current cycles that your houses are wired for?? The reason I ask is not sure what different overseas electricity ratings are. Here in the staes it is 120/240 60 HTZ or cycles. If this saw is from the states or anywhere else with different voltage ratings then this could be your problem. Do not know how Dewalt does things with refurbished saws but it can't hurt to check the name plate and knowing your electricity values make sure they are the same. Good Luck!
    John T.


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      Power Surge

      I would also check to see what other loads you have on the circuit that your saw is plugged in to such as air conditioning or other cycling loads. Additionally, you might be experiencing power surges from your service provider. Do any other motor driven devices in your home such as fans speed up or slow down for no apparent reason??
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